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A Probable History of the Golden Family
of Newberry, South Carolina Since 1761

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Golden Genealogy and Family History


The following have been searched for information in researching our family.

Articles and Books

~~~ Albemarle Parish Vestry Book, 1742-1786, Surry and Sussex Counties, Virginia, by Virgini aLee Hutcheson Davis and Andrew Wilburn Hogwood … looking for Goldens and Warrens, in search of Nelly Golden born c1745

~~~ A dated phylogenetic tree of M222 SNP haplotypes: exploring the DNA of Irish and Scottish surnames and possible ties to Niall and the Uí Néill kindredFamilia: Ulster Genealogical Review, Howard, W.E. and McLaughlin, J.D., 2011 …

~~~ Cavaliers and Pioneers, Abstracts of Virginia Land Patents, Vol Two: 1666-1695, abstracted by Nell Marion Nugent, Indexed by Caludia B. Grundman, 2004, The Library of Virginia …

~~~ Colonial and Revolutionary History of Upper South Carolina, by John Belton O’Neall Landrum, Jan 1897 · Shannon, printers …

~~~ First Families of Newberry County South Carolina Volume 1, by John Rigdon, 2011, Eastern Digital Resources, 5705 Sullivan Point Drive, Powder Springs, GA …

~~~ Newberry County, South Carolina, Minutes of the County Court, 1785-1798, by the Rev. Silas Emmett Lucas, Jr, 1977, Southern Historical Press, Easley, South Carolina …

~~~ South Carolina Deed Abstracts 1773-1778, Deed Books F-4 thru X-4 by Brent H. Holcomb, 1993 …

~~~ South Carolina Naturalizations, 1783-1850, compiled by Brent H. Holcomb, Clearfield Publishing … lists a Polish citizen Isaac Golden requesting

~~~ Ulster Plantation, The Great Parchment Book,

~~~ Virginia Colonial Abstracts, Volume II, by Beverly Fleet, 1988, Genealogical Publishing Company, Baltimore … The Original 34 Volumes Reprinted in 3 …

Libraries Visited



~~~ Conwill-Gould Cemetery Memorials, …


~~~ Number of Ancestors in a Given Generation,, important notes about inbreeding and he mathematical probability that you can find some small DNA relationship to other families at the 8-10+ generation level.

~~~ Rob Spencer and his SNP Tracker web research page,, enter a SNP and find out its relative history across time and place.

~~~ The Viking Age (793–1066 CE), Wikipedia,

~~~ Ulster Plantation, The Great Parchment Book,

Golden Genealogy and Family History

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