In Search of Goldens and Origins

Researching Golden, Golding, Goulding et al, with an emphasis on pre-1800 settlement in the Americas … and across time around the world.

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I research all Goldens that settled in the USA before 1800. This includes Gald/Gauld-en/in/ing and Gold/Gould-en/in/ing families.

Info not specific to any Golden family:

Some are my Goldens. Yours? Many unconnected.

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Overview of my Lineage and Family Research

Golden - William - DNA results - Ancestry
My DNA admixture within the last approximate five generations.

Now that my hair has turned to silver, and some silver to white, I have more time to do some things.

In a bit of good fortune I live within a 90 minute drive of where almost all Goldens, Goldings and Gouldens et al settled in Virginia.

My family research first started in the late 1970s. Other than occasional family trips and short stays, I did not grow up around Goldens related to me. They were just names and pictures.

Military service in the mid-1970s brought me close to my paternal grandparents in Alabama. For almost a year I got to know my kin as actually family with lives and stories. Then the military took me to distance places around the world … but the bond had been set. One of the things that I learned in that year was that my family knew no more about their heritage than did I. The genealogy bug bit me BIG about 1978.

My search for family was largely abandoned in the early 1990s due to hitting a brick wall on identifying any information about my grandfather Green Golden. He was a name and a legend of sorts. Family would say that he was a mountain doctor with several wives and MANY children. End of story.

After taking a DNA test in 2013 I quickly discovered family — yet almost no clue who they were, or they me. We undertook a sizeable campaign to get family members to take DNA and YDNA tests in 2014 and 2015. Whoa! We learned that much of what we thought about our family tree was not only wrong but we actually found much of our family going back to the mid-1700s. DNA and YDNA is sometimes the only documentation for the first few generations.

I very much look forward to exchanging notes, thoughts,  and ideas on Goldings, Goldens, Gouldings (G-Folk) of all origins.

William David Golden

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