Military Service Before 1750

Ancestor of Alice Tolman (Pickford) Brockway, in the Colonial and Revolutionary Wars, by Mrs. A. M. Pickford.

1676 – Goulding / Capt. Roger Goulding, master of a vessel; was of Rhode Island in 1676 and rendered eminent service in Philip’s War, in acknowledgement of which the Court of Plymouth granted him 100 acres at Pocasset, east of Mount Hope Bay. In one action”A sloop was discovered bearing down towards them, and soon after, Church announced that Relief was coming for that the vessel was commanded by Capt. Golding, whom he knew to be a man of business; True it was Golding.” He then ordered Capt Golding to rush into the Swamp, and fall upon Philip in his camp, which he immediately did.” [Dranke’s Book of Indians, 25, 26, 210.] The Dedham Historical Register, Volumes 9-10, edited by Julius Herbert Tuttle.

NOTE: King Philip’s War of 1675-1676 (also known as Metacom’s Rebellion) marked the last major effort by the Indians of southern New England to drive out the English settlers. Led by Metacom, the Pokunoket chief called ‘King Philip’ by the English, the bands known today as Wampanoag Indians joined with the Nipmucks, Pocumtucks, and Narragansetts in a bloody uprising. It lasted fourteen months and destroyed twelve frontier towns.