Military Service Family and Ancestors

This page was just started in May 2019. Will be adding information with time — just leaving this note so you do not think that it represents a relevant snapshot of military service by family members.

Year Name Conflict Ancestry
Glen (Glyn) Revolutionary War Ancestry | GFM File
Moore, Burton “Burt” Revolutionary War Ancestry | GFM File
1777, 1780 William Golden Revolutionary War Ancestry | GFM File

Did our Grandfather William Golden serve in the Revolutionary War? I believe that the answer is yes. He would have served as a Private in the South Carolina 1st or 2d Spartan Regiment as William Goulding. There is evidence for this — but the challenge is proving that this specific William was ours. See 1777 in the GFM file for discussion.

Relevant to all descendants of William and Nellie Golden

Ancestry | GFM File