Military Service – French and Indian War

Goulden — Thomas Goulden (Gouldin) received a South Carolina land grant in 1763 due to a 1761 legislature act rewarding veterans of service in the French & Indian War, aka the Seven Years War. There is not any known evidence of Thomas having served; few military records for this war exist except for officers.

Goulding — Capt Palmer Goulding was prominently engaged in the French and Indian Wars, and the capture of Louisburg, June 17, 1742; was captain of the 6th Co. of the 4th Mass regiment, Col. Samuel Willard; date of commission, Feb. 15, 1744. [New Eng. Hist. and Gen. Reg., XXIV. 372; XXV. 358, 9.] Source: The Dedham Historical Register, Volumes 9-10,  edited by Julius Herbert Tuttle.