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1776-1786 Revolutionary War | Loyalists in Southern Campaign

This is but a partial list of those Golden’s that served. Names were not reliably spelt the same way on all military records for the period. For example, the records were standardized for ‘Richard Golden’ (son of William Golding and Elizabeth Foster), even though his actual name was Golding … some of his records also list him as Goolding, Goulding and Gilden.

Let it be noted that the definition of patriot is someone that loves their country and is a loyalist.

All of those listed below should be considered as having served in the Continental Line against England, or a supportive militia, unless marked as a Loyalist.

With time, I will add as many specific details of the service for the various GFolks below.

Rev War Flag

Abel Golden/Goulding, Private, Massachusetts

Amos Golden – New York, Samuel Drake’s Regiment

Andrew Golden – South Carolina Militia; served five years under Col. Wade Hampton and Gen. Nathanael Greene in the First Regiment of State Dragoons, established April 1781. Applied for a military pension in 1829 but was ‘Rejected’. In pursuit of a pension, he gave a deposition before Bullock County, Georgia Justice of the Peace Elisha Sumerlin claiming that he, Andrew, was without family at the beginning of the war’s beginning and had no place to carry his personal papers except within his clothes. Andrew is listed today among the regiment’s members; see Carolana 1st Regiment of Dragoons  — this link also contains a list of battles in which the unit participated. // The deposition is available online at // Andrew won a land lottery in 1827 for land in Bulloch County, Georgia due to his military service. However, it would seem that there was still the need for some further ‘proof’ as a deposition was taken in early April 1829 as well

Andrew Golden
William W Davies certifiies that he personally enlisted Andrew Golden for five years of service in the Rev War. 16180734

Anthony Golden (Golding) — Loyalist — Rank Private … Per Pay Abstract Nr __, Major Patrick Cunningham’s Regiment, Little River Militia, Ninety Six Brigade, Captain William Hendrick’s Company, men who marched to Orangburgh, SC, with Lieut Colonel John H. Cruger, 183-days pay, 14 Jun-13 Dec 1780. 16180715

Anthony Golding – South Carolina Militia; served 58 days in the militia wagon service during 1779 and 1780. (A.A.2925; W322; W478). This is the son of William Golding, c1704 VA – 1782 SC.

Benjamin Golden – Continental Troops, Lee’s Regiment

Benjamin Golden – New York, Harper’s Regiment

David Golden – Hunterdon County, New Jersey Militia

Eleazar Golding, Volunteer, Massachusetts

Elender Golden – Georgia ??? – I can find no official record of Elender having served. Minimal records were kept for those that did serve, usually just payrolls records. By the time that serious attempts were made to document military service, many records had been lost. HOWEVER, when land was opened up in former Cherokee territory to provide landgrants to Revolutionary War veterans or to their widows, the widow of Elender Golden received a land grant in 1838. So my assumption is that Elender did honorably and did demonstrably serve, but those records have been lost. // The Georgia Cherokee Land Grant given: Elender Golden, Number 195, District 27th District, Third Section, Cherokee, Residence 417th, County Walton, Comment: widow. revolutionary soldier.; granted previous to the first day of January, 1838.

Elias Golden (Sr?) –  New York, Captain Elias Golden’s Company (1607020846), Albany County Militia, 16th Regiment (1607020859)

Elias Golden (Jr?) –  New York, Albany County Militia, 16th Regiment. Rank: Private (1607020859) — There is also an Elias Golden listed as Captain within this same militia regiment. Son or related to Capt Golden?

Elias Golden – New York, Van Woert’s Regiment, Militia

Ichabod Goldin/Golding/Goulding – Massachusetts Third Regiment

Isaiah Golden – New York Fourth Regiment

Isham Golden – List as ‘Entitled to but not yet in receipt of bounty land from revolutionary services’ … Could this be Isom Golden, Virginia Second Regiment?

Isom Golden – Virginia Second Regiment (See Isham)

J. Golden, rank not given, Massachusetts

Jacob Golden (Goulden) – Pennsylvania Third Regiment (1776)

Jesse Golden (Goulding) – Private, Virginia Second State Regiment

John Golden/Goulding Jr, Private, Massachusetts

John Golden – New Jersey Second Regiment

John Golden (Captain) – New York, Captain Golden’s Company, Militia

John Golden (Corporal) – New York, Captain Golden’s Company, Militia

John Golden –  New York, Albany County Militia, 16th Regiment. Rank: Private (1607020859) — There is also an Elias Golden listed as a Captain and there is an Elias Golden serving as a private within this same militia regiment.

John Golden and William Golden join Captain Mannee’s militia company, Col Josiah Smith’s Queens County, New York militia regiment on 23 Jul 1776. Listed in ‘Irish Settlers in America’ by Michael J. O’ Brien (1993) … no reference or evidence is given as to why they are considered Irish.

John Golden – South Carolina Militia. KIA 26 May 1780. Annuitants claims approved for wife and children.

John Golden – Virginia, Captain John Robert’s Company

John Golden – Virginia Second Regiment

John GoldingLoyalist – born c1740 in NY, d. Apr 1821, s/o Thomas Golding and Mary Coles: married c1765 Annie Merritt b. c1744 or c1750 at Hempstead, Long Island, NY, d/o Robert Merritt and Elizabeth Robinson: this family camefrom Northcastle, Westchester County, NY to NB in 1783 as Loyalists and settled in Hampstead Parish, Queens County, New Brunswick, Canada.

John Goulding – of Pennsylvania, served in 1777, 1779 and 1781-82.

Joseph Golden – Loyalist – Joseph Golden filed a claim as a Loyalist at Montreal, Canada, 1787-1788. His MSS Folio is Number 73. That file would answer many questions about Joseph’s origin which we know nothing about at this time. Listed in ‘United Empire Loyalists, Part I/Volume I, Montreal, 1787-1788.

Julius Golden – Virginia Sixth Regiment

Julius Golden – Virginia Tenth Regiment

Lewis Golden – New York Fifth Regiment

Matthew Golden (Goulden) – Private, Connecticut Fourth Regiment.

Nathaniel Golden — There is no evidence that a Nathaniel Golden/Goulden served … although lists such a person as having served and claims that he is documented on Rev War NARA Roll #89. Myself and one other Golden family genealogist have reviewed #89 and there is no such person; there is hardly even a Nathaniel on the rolls, with Nathaniel Hood appearing numerous times in the Third Regiment, South Carolina. Per a letter from the South Carolina Archives, it would appear that it was a Nathaniel Gordon that served.

Palmer Golding — Loyalist — From Worcester, Mass. Rank: Captain in the Militia. Early in 1775, he was returning from a visit to a friend, who was suspected of desertion from the Whigs, and of being a Tory, and whose political course he was supposed to influence, when he was knocked down, and much bruised and wounded  (pg 478 1607021723).

Pearce Golding – South Carolina Militia. Was at the fall of Charleston. // ?Did he switch sides? A Pierce Goulden was a Loyalist as documented in Pay Abstract Nr 153, Colonel James Cary’s Regiment, Camden Militia, Charlestown, SC, six-months pay, 14 Jul 1780 to 13 Jan 1781, to be paid 16 Sept 1782. Rank: Private. Source: Loyalists in the Southern Campaign of the Revolutionary War: Official rolls, by Murtie June Clark

Pierce GouldenLoyalist — Rank Private. Per Pay Abstract Nr 153, Colonel James Cary’s Regiment, Camden Militia, Charlestown, SC, six-months pay, 14 Jul 1780 to 13 Jan 1781, to be paid 16 Sept 1782.

++ Reuben Golden (1741-1835) – SC 3rd Regiment (Militia) // Source
—– A Sergeant under Capt. John Caldwell. Later a Lieutenant under Capt. Laughlin Leonard. // Reuben’s file for Revolutionary War pension benefits is extensive with the last document being added just in 1936. (Copy on file) // Entered service on June 26, 1775 and served three years as a sergeant in the rangers and the Third Regiment under Capt. John Caldwell, Maj. Taylor, Lt. Col. Mayson and Col. Thomson. He was temporarily a lieutenant under a Capt. Leonard on the Cherokee Indian Expedition. Was at the siege of Nighty Six and the battle at Stono. At one time he was under Cap. Lee, Capt. Wallace, Maj Hains (?) and Col. Hopkins as well as Gen. Pickens. (References S.C.H.&G., II, 10, 176; A.A.2927; W474; N.A.853).

Richard Golden (1744-1788) – Virginia Ninth Regiment, Continental Line (Copy on file)

Richard Golden (Gilden) (1744-1788) – Virginia Thirteenth Regiment (Copy on file)
—– Survived the war and returned home to his farm in 1788. Some of his land had been rented out during the war. Was killed by one of his tenant farmers in October 1788.

Richard Golden — Loyalist — Rank Private … Per Pay Abstract Nr 61, Colonel John Cotton’s Regiment, Stevenson’s Creek Militia, Ninety Six Brigade, Captain Thomas Buckum’s Company, Soldier’s Certification, for those who came to Orangeburgh with Lieut Colonel John H. Cruger at the evacuation of Ninety Six, six-months pay, 13 Jun-14 Dec 1780 (Abs Nr 4 in books of Captain John Cunningham, late Pay Master, and was in part paid by him) 16180715

Richard Goulden, Upper Ninety-Six District Regiment, A Captain under Lt. Col. Yarborough (?). Dates unknown. Source: Rev War Patriot Military Captains of South Carolina / Per second source: Richard Goulden: He served as a captain under Col. Yarborough and was in the engagement at Peldert’s Old Field. (Elkin, Joshua, S10624)

Robert Golding – Virginia

Samuel Golden – New Jersey Second Regiment

Silas Golden/Goulden – Rank: Private. Born 1750, Massachusetts // Source: Volume: 65, Page Number: 470, Biographical Info: priv.; Reference: Soldiers and sailors of the Rev. War. Comp. By secy. Of the commonwealth, Ms. Boston. 1896-1908. (17v.):6:689 // Rev War Land Grant 100 acres, Warrant 4233, dated 16 Dec 1793 (1607032029).

Simon Golden (Golding) Virginia Second Regiment

Stephen Golding — Loyalist — Residence before exile unknown. Settled in New Brunswick in 1783; and died at Long Island, in that Province, in June 1845 at the age of 83. For the 30 years prior to his decease, he held a commission of the peace for Queen’s County. Fort 55 years he was an officer in the Provincial Militia, and retired with the rank of major. He was a consistent member of the Church of England. He had 11 children, 71 grandchildren and 74 great grandchildren (pg 478 1607021723).

Thomas Golden – New York Fourth Regiment

Thomas Golden – New York Second Regiment

Thomas GouldenLoyalist – Butler’s Rangers (New York)

Thomas Goulding (1720-1793) – from Sea level, NC. Thomas served in Capt. Wicker Davis’s Company of Col. William Thomson’s Carteret County Militia Regiment, North Carolina.

Wenzer Golden – New Hampshire Mooney’s Regiment

William T. Gaulden – from Pittsylvania County, Virginia. Served in a company commanded by Captain Adams and in the regiment commanded by Colonel Lynch. Served for two years.

William Golden – First U.S. Regiment (Harmar), 1785-1790

William Golden, Private, Massachusetts

William Golden, Seaman, Massachusetts

William Golden, ‘Boy’, served on the brigatine “Tyrannicide”, Massachusetts

William Golden – Continental Troops, Second Regiment, Artillery
—– Listed as company member #25, April 4th, 1777 for three years of service. Listed on the Muster Role for Capt Samuel Lockwood’s Company // Listed as deserter. (Copy on file)

William GoldenLoyalist — Rank Private, Ninety Six Brigade, Captain Vachel Clary’s Company of men who came to Orangeburgh with Lieut Colonel John H. Cruger, 183-days pay, 14 Jun-13 Dec 1780. 16180715

William Golden (Goulden) – Private, Connecticut Second Regiment.

William Golden a Drummer in the Pennsylvania Line received 100 acres of land, Warrant 9462, for his service, effective 20 June 1789 (1607032029).

William Golden and John Golden join Captain Mannee’s militia company, Col Josiah Smith’s Queens County, New York militia regiment on 23 Jul 1776. Listed in ‘Irish Settlers in America’ by Michael J. O’ Brien (1993) … no reference or evidence is given as to why they are considered Irish.

William Golden – Pennsylvania First Regiment

William Golden – Pennsylvania Second Regiment

William Goulding – 1st Spartan Regiment – Served under Lt. Col./Col. Philemon Waters after the Fall of Charleston (May 1780).  Unit and dates unknown. Source. >>> I believe that this is my own 5th grandfather … unfortunately no information exists other than a name on a service roster. William died in 1809. Most military service of this era was recognized by applying for a pension and including testimonial letters of services by other unit members after 1832. William died before a pension for service was offered.

Also serving in this regiment was Robert Burton “Burt” Moore, 1756-1836, grandfather to Arzela Moore, 1825-1886, who married William Goulding/Goulden/Golden’s grandson Nathaniel Greene Golden, 1812-1882/3. The Moores was originally Virginians as were many members of the Spartan Regiment, to include its commander Col Philemon Waters, from Prince William County, VA.

William Goulding  – Connecticut Third Regiment (Fold3).

Windsor Golden – New Hampshire, General Whipple and Staff — Wife Ruby, last pension payment to Ruby was 2Q 1857; she died Oct 18, 1856 (1607032029).

Winsor Golden – Massachusetts Third Regiment

William Golding – Loudoun County, Virginia. Survived the war and would later move to Boone County, Kentucky. Passed away in 1835. Received a small pension in 1834.

Zenus Golding — Rebel and Loyalist — Died at French Village, New Brunswick, in 1814, age 56, born c1758 (pg 478 1607021723). Appears to have also served as American Revolutionary soldier, rank private, in New Jersey Continental Line (U.S. Revolutionary War Rolls, 1775-1783) and then appears to have switched sides. Variously listed as Zenas, Zenos, Zenus. Wife: Polly Thorne 1760–aft 1806.

Some level of military service record can be found for most of these Goldens on