Family Histories of GFolks and Kinfolk

Golding / Golden / Goulding et al Family History on Facebook

Know your neighborhood! Often the record you need for your family is contained in someone else’s family history.

Below are genealogies and historical information for families of GFolks (Gald/Gauld/Gold/Gould-en, -in, -ing, -man) and related kinfolk.

GFolks Family Histories

View – Francis Marion Golden (1834-1917) and descendants
— This line tracks back to Pittsylvania, Virginia about 1776

Kinfolk Family Histories

View – Dishman (Duchemin) — The Dishman Family of Virginia

View – Graves – Francis Graves Descendants of Gloucester and Essex County, Virginia

View – Henley – Thomas Henley Family, Ancestors and Decedents, 1609-2006

=^)Am looking for Keeling males descended from Thomas Keeling (1608–1664) and Anne Bray Thorowgood (1618–1683) to take a YDNA test. Contact me at Bill Golden

View – Keeling, Benjamin Keeling of Virginia descendants, with Noels and others

View – Keeling, Leonard Keeling of Halifax, VA, born 1770

ViewNalle (Nall, Naul) Family History Book
— Readable and searchable online at FamilySearch. Can be downloaded.
Family History on Facebook for Nalle, Nall et al.

View – Lees of Virginia

View – Spencer Family of Virginia (PDF)

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