Convert Your DNA to YDNA

Knowing your yDNA  group type is a major first step in knowing whether you may descend from another male.

YDNA can literally make connections thousands of years into the past with certainty.

The Best Test to take for determining whether you are related to another male is the FamilyTreeDNA YDNA test.

If you have taken 23andMe, GENO 2.0, MyHeritage or LivingDNA then the test will tell you your yDNA haplotype.

If you know your yDNA haplotype then please share with me: Bill Golden

If your DNA test does not provide this info then you can convert it using the Morley DNA Predictor app. If you need help converting just let me know. 

?? Why share your yDNA type with me? As a researcher, there are many poorly documented branches of family lines. Quite a few genealogies on Ancestry and other websites are either ‘best guess’ or sometimes a misidentification copied from another tree. yDNA matters — it is specific. A ‘G2a’ son cannot come from an ‘R1b’ father, son inherits father’s yDNA type.

Knowing a yDNA type can help confirm trees and lines of ancestry.