Hiram F. Golden, 1828–1880

Disclaimer: Determination that the haplotype shown below is correct is based upon a claimed descendant relationship by the person taking the DNA test. Desired: two or more matching test results from individuals that are not closely related. Three matching test sets exist.


Haplotype: E-M35 (formerly E3b, E1b1b1)

Other Matching YDNA Tests: Yes. Three (3) kits total match.

A descendant of Hiram’s claimed brother Fendol Sylvester Golden is a YDNA match. None of the family appear in any known 1850 census and by 1860 have all gone their separate ways.


Hiram Ferdinand Golden 

BIRTH 1829 • Actual state of birth is unknown.
— Various genealogies show South Carolina OR Virginia
DEATH 1880 • possibly in Georgia, USA
— Had family in the Columbus, Georgia area. However, census records indicate possible residence at Bowie, Texas in 1880.

Married per genealogies: 1847 • Walker, Georgia 

Lucy A. Ham

BIRTH 1829 • Actual state of birth is unknown.
DEATH 1904 • Calvin, Hughes, Oklahoma
— Lucy appears in a number of records, yet her age often varies by some 3-4 years and her place of birth does as well. Her year of birth varies between 1826-1829; Place of birth: Newton, Georgia OR Maryland OR Tennessee. Her death record claims Georgia as POB, but census records and her son James Worth Golden’s death certificate claim both parents born in Maryland.


— These are claimed children per Ancestry genealogies. Documentation is lacking except for James Worth Golden and William Anderson Golden.

William Anderson Golden, 1846–1908

James Worth Golden, 1849–1932

Mary A Golden, 1851–

G Golden, 1852–
… listed in 1860 census by first initial only.

H Golden, 1854–
… listed in 1860 census by first initial only.

S Golden, 1855–
… listed in 1860 census by first initial only.



The claimed parents for Hiram F. Golden are John C Golden 1800–1850 and Priscilla Robinson 1808–1840. There is no documentary evidence for this.

There are reasons to believe that this family had a Virginia / Maryland, aka Chesapeake Bay origin, explaining the claim that Hiram F. Golden was born in Maryland or Virginia.

John C. Golden was supposedly a ship’s mast builder ‘in Norfolk’ before going off to South Carolina where he may have met and married Priscilla Robinson — certainly he did marry her about 1828 or so — but no record of this being in South Carolina.

This family’s exact origin is very unclear. There is a also a claim that John C. Golden may have come from ‘Norfolk, England’. I have been corresponding for some years with an English Robinson trying to figure out his DNA match with this family. In particular there seems to be a DNA match between the English Robinson and John and Priscilla’s possible son George Jasper Golden. However, there is no documentation of the names of John and Priscilla’s children, or claims by the children that they are their parents. More research is needed.

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