Genes Tree of Ancestors

Exploring possible family relationships found in shared DNA.*

I-1 a male Golden descendant of Isaac Golden (), N-1 a male Golden descendant and N-2 a female descendant with Golden mother of Nathaniel Greene Golden (1783-aft 1822), and S-1 a male Golden descendant of Samuel Golden (1770-1857).

‘X’ indicates that Ancestry DNA matching indicates a possible relationship with a family member of ‘___’ and ‘-‘ indicates no matches found.

Why! I-1 N-1 N-2 S-1
Awbrey of Virginia (pre-1700) X X
Awbrey, Mary (1678-1721) X X
Buckner of Virginia (pre-1725) X X
Buckner, Richard (1658-1733) 1 X X
Buckner, Margaret (1690-1760) 1 X
Cooke, Elizabeth (1662-1748)
1 X X
Goulden, Barbara (1720-1794) X X X X
Gouldman of Virginia (pre-1800) X
Gouldman, Edward (1660-1710) 2 X
Keeling, Adam (1639-1683) X X
Keeling, George (1635-1718) X
Keeling, Ursula (1661-1697) X
Meador of Virginia (pre-1700) X X
Noel, Cornelius (1623-1699) X X
Rains of Virginia (pre-1800) X X
Taliaferro of Virginia (pre-1750)
Taliaferro, Robert (1687-1751) 1
Tarrant of Virginia (pre-1750)
Thorowgood of Virginia (pre-1700)
Worsham of Virginia (pre-1700) X

Why — this is important

1 – This person belongs to a set of grandparents for two or more of the test lines:

  • Buckner, Richard (1658-1733) and Cooke, Elizabeth (1662-1748)
  • Buckner, Margaret (1690-1760) and Taliaferro, Robert (1687-1751)

2 – Edward Gouldman (c1660-c1710) supposedly had three sons per the Winston family history, one being born after his death in Jan 1710. The son’s names are unclear: Thomas, Francis and ___. I believe that Edward is our line and a grandfather.


Important Note

* A person or family appearing as a match in Ancestry does not mean that an actual relationship exists, although a DNA relationship does exist between two test takers. If someone includes incorrect info then people and families may appear which are not actually directly related to one another.

Example: One matching family history for S-1 shows a genealogy indication that Richard Golding (1744-1788) and Susannah Wilmouth (xxxx) are the parents of Samuel Golden (1770-1856). Per YDNA testing we know that the two males lines are not related.