Misc Notes – Keelings

Below are just random notes and thoughts that I have collected about various Keelings.

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Year Person Notes
1620 (George) Leonard Keeling
Birth bef. 1620 • probably, England
Leonard Keeling is listed as arriving in Virginia in 1635. Normal age for self-transport would be 16. Math: 1620 – 16 = 1634 or earlier, so am listing him as born bef.1620.
1630 Leonard Keeling

The children of Thomas Keeling (c1608-1664) and Ann Thorowgood (c1618-1683) are fairly well documented. There is no ‘Leonard Keeling‘ among 9 known and named children.

Thomas Keeling, Sr, left a Last Will and Testament, and in a 1683 legal deed Ann Keeling named the children still alive. There is no Leonard Keeling.

Some people have listed ‘Leonard Thomas Keeling‘ as a son, blending Leonard with Thomas … but in 1683 Ann Keeling notes that Thomas Jr had been dead for some years and gave his portion of his father’s willed property to Alexander Keeling.

There was a Leonard Keeling living in New Kent, Virginia, but he died in 1689.

All of these Keelings probably are related. Am in search thereof myself.

1635 Leonard Keeling

Arrives in Virginia.

Author: Ancestry.com
Title: U.S. and Canada, Passenger and Immigration Lists Index, 1500s-1900s
Page: Place: Virginia; Year: 1635; Page Number: 214

1682 Edward Keeling

Arrives in Virginia.

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