Bill Golden, Genealogist and People Finder

William “Bill” Golden is a native Virginian, although childhood school years were in Jacksonville, Florida. Retired from US Army as an Intelligence Analyst and Linguist. The Army brought Bill back to Virginia where he settled in Prince William County in 1995.

Bill switched from finding targets of interest in Military Intelligence to forming a worldwide talent search company known as, a national security talent agency. Has two passions: soccer and genealogy. Coached soccer in Prince William County from 1999-2012 with, and was its in-house recreational soccer commissioner for many years. Was Virginia Youth Soccer Co-commissioner for youth recreational soccer and a Virginia Youth Soccer Association Board Director, 2004-2005. After retiring from soccer resumed interest in genealogy.

2012 – Bill gets into DNA analysis and historical research of his family lines. Discovers via DNA that his genealogy does not match his written genealogy of his father’s side. Discovers that five (5) Virginia and Deep South Golden and Golding (Gouldin) lines have become blended into one discombobulated tree reaching back to the mid-1600s. Sets upon a mission to find male members of all existing male lines existing in Virginia before 1750 and yDNA test them. Mission accomplished by 2020. Can now track all five unique lines, and a few others, by their yDNA signature. Bill is a DNA Administrator on for the families of Golden, Keeling (1628) and Norfleet (1666).

2016 – launched as a central place to share information with others, in the hope they would share their family history. Today there are many global members of Research now includes 29 versions of the core surname of Golden and its many variations.

2020 – Discovering that genealogy research could use some assist in Virginia’s Northern Neck and Old Rappahanock County counties, Bill becomes an active researcher of the origins of families in the region prior to 1700. Bill is now the resident virtual expert on DNA with Families From the Northern Neck of Virginia (997 members).

Bill Golden

Golden Genealogy and Family History
Our Goldens are yeoman Americans. Our colors and family crest represents an interpretation of our origins per DNA. We are Anglo-Saxon, mostly English with a lot of Scottish, a touch of Welsh, and a smidgen of Irish and Scandinavian … at least over the last 600 years.