Richard Belcher and Ursula Hastings – 5th Great-Grandparents

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Richard Belcher and Ursula Hastings

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DNA Connection: Paternal line

— DNA connection: 5th Great-Grandparents

Richard Belcher (Belshaw), 1766–1829

BIRTH 1766 • Amelia, Chesterfield, Virginia
DEATH 6 NOV 1829 • Tuckers Crossroads, Smith, Tennessee
5th great-grandfather
Ursula Hastings, 1768–1810

BIRTH ABT 1768 • Amelia, Virginia
DEATH ABT 1810 • Amelia, Virginia
5th great-grandmother

Richard Belcher and Ursula Hastings

John Belcher / Charles Belcher / Richard Belcher / Dee Burton

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