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Special Offer for Male G-Folk

Am seeking 10 Y-DNA candidates for testing. Will pay for testing if your last name is Golden, Golding, Goulding, etc., and you have some genealogy that points back to you being a descendent of either Percival Golding (b.1579, married to Emily Farmer), John Golding (b.c1640, married to Elizabeth Ripley) or of William Golding (b.1704, married to Elizabeth Foster).

You can contact me at Norfolk1956@gmail.com

Some useful information pages:

  • The Bahamas DNA Project
    — A good number of immigrants to Massachusetts and to Virginia started their New World immigration in the Bahamas.
  • R1b DNA flavors
    — 30,000 years ago the R1b Adam stepped out of the Caucasus and started westward … in different directions.
  • Family DNA Study of the Sinclair/St. Claire Family
    — These aren’t G-Folk but this is a great website that explains a tremendous amount about DNA testing in plain English, and the challenges that a global family with the same name experiences when comparing results.