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E-L117 (E1b) Golden, Hiram F., 1828–1880, of South Carolina married to Lucy A. Ham, 1829–1904, of Newton, Georgia E1
G-M201 G-Z6764
Golden, Mark “Marcus” Sr., 1762–1844, of Lincoln, Georgia and Nancy Parks, 1774–1849, of nearly Abbeville, South Carolina
— AND —
Golden, Richard, c1740-c1795, of Georgia/Ireland and Mary Frances Lowe, 1750–1812, of Farmville, Richmond, Virginia
YDNA: G2 G-M201 G-Z6764 // FamilyTreeDNA considers both family lines as related, and both families trace their roots to Wilkes County, Georgia in the pre-Revolutionary War period. G1
Mark “Marcus” Golden Sr./Nancy Parks — This Golden family started out in what is now Lincoln County (as of 1796), Georgia which was part of Wilkes County in 1762. After their last child Caleb Golden was born in 1826, the family moved to Chambers County, Alabama. Both western and eastern Central Alabama remains home to many Goldens from this family. One branch went to Graceville, Florida in Jackson County — we know James Seaborn Golden’s descendants as “Graceville Goldens”, a number of whom would move to Texas and form another hub of Goldens in the Trinity, Texas area.  
Richard Golden/Mary Frances Lowe — Family lore is that Richard Golden came from County Tyrone, Ireland. He was living in the Wilkes County, Georgia area when his first son Stephen Golden was born. Descendants of this family are very active in shared research and reunions. Learn more at their Facebook page. Many members of this family moved north along the western side of the Appalachia into Tennessee and into Kentucky … just follow Interstate 75 from Atlanta, Georgia up to Knox County, Kentucky and you will find  MANY related Goldens from this line.  
I1 / I-M253
Thomas Golding, d. ca 1504, Cavendish, Suffolk … a descendant may have been Arthur and Percival Golding emigrated via Caribbean to Upper NY.  One Thomas Golding descendant has Terminal SNP: I-A16783  I1
I1 / I-M253
may be FTDNA Line I
Ephraim Golding and Rebecca Gibbes in St. Michael, Barbados  I2
I1 / I-M253
John Golden b. 1765 and d 1816, location unknown I3
I-M253 John Golden, c1750–1816, and Permilla “Milly” Carder, c1765–1820  
Q-M242 Moses Ray Golden and Rebecca Bell Rittenhouse, 1806–1900, both of (Albemarle area) Virginia/Upshur, West Virginia Q1
YDNA: Q-M242 // FTDNA PATS: Q UnM // Some family histories claim that Moses Ray is a descendant of Jacob Golden (listed below) of Pittsylvania, Virginia. Not possible due to different YDNA types. The history of Upshur County, West Virginia claims that Moses Ray Golden is the grandson of William and Mary Elizabeth Golden. His parents are unknown.
R1b Golding, William, c1704-1782, and Elizabeth Foster, c1704-1775 of Orange, Virginia and Ninety Six District, South Carolina.  R1
YDNA: R1b R-M269 // Born in the Essex County area of Virginia, the Goldings established their home at Orange, Virginia where their children were born. They then moved to the Ninety Six District in the area of today’s Greenwood County, just west of Laurens and Newberry, about 1772.

Numerous tested Gouldin family members from the Port Royal area of Caroline County have been found to carry the same male YDNA, with the oldest known patriarch being William Gouldin, born 1830, married to XXX Miller.

R1b Golden, Samuel, 1770–1857, and Lydia Parrish, 1775–1859, both of South Carolina prior to moving to Weakley Co, Tennessee.  R2
YDNA: R1b-U106 > Z381 > Z156 > Z306 DF98 // Samuel Golden is paternally related to William Golden, married to Nellie of Edgefield, South Carolina. It is not known whether he was a brother or first cousin or possibly even a son by a prior marriage. Many of Samuel’s descendants settled in the Arkansas area and are on Facebook.
R1b Golden, William, c1750-1808/9, and wife Nellie, c1755-aft 1810 of Edgefield, South Carolina. Birthplaces unknown; may have been South Carolina or possibly Pennsylvania or Virginia.  R3
YDNA: R1b-U106 > Z381 > Z156 > Z306 > Z304 > DF98 > S18823 //  FTDNA Pats: R1b-V. // All children born in South Carolina between 1782-1794. The family lived in the Edgefield, SC area as of 1792, unsure of where before that. This family may descend from a Thomas Goulden who settled in the area in 1767, although this is conjecture.
R1b Gaulding, John, 1770–1830, passed at Davidson, Tennessee, married to Martha, 1788–1827, passed at Bibb, Georgia; both born at Prince Edward, Virginia. R4 
YDNA: R1b R-M269 // These Gauldings believe they are related to John Gaulding, born c1665/70 at Kent, Virginia. The Gaulding name first appears about 1651 in Prince Edward County, Virginia and is well documented thereafter within the region.  However, there is not a document trail from John Gaulding of 1770-1830 to John Gaulding of 1665/70 … although there is no reason to believe that research could not prove such a link. … Kit #358390 notes that the oldest known patriarch is John Gaulding of 1698-1740, married to Mary Anne Stuart. She is considered to be the spouse of John Gaulding of 1665/70 … who also passed about 1740 … so #358390 probably means related to John Gaulding of 1665/70. I have not seen the genealogy that actually reaches back so cannot attribute this YDNA past John Gaulding 1770-1830.
R1b/R-Z255 Golden, Jacob Sr., 1756–1779, of Pittsylvania County, Virginia and Mary Ann Adams, 1758–1853, of Virginia  R5
YDNA: R1b R-M269 R-Z255
Descendants of this family have a Facebook page. The maternal German-Swiss Bender line of this family is well documented but nothing is known about the paternal Golden line.
R-M222 William Golden, born 1823 in Washington, County, Maryland. Married to Mary Elizabeth Sherwood, 1826-1901. Parents for both are unknown.  
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