YDNA – Haplogroup I

Haplogroup I / I1 / I2

A haplotype indicates a specific branch on the DNA tree. Branches can have branches so just knowing that you match a specific group does not indicate descent or cousinship with other basic matches.

Determination of descent requires examination of DNA STR values — only testing via FTDNA provides this.

Other tests can identify your haplotype but do not provide STRs.

YDNA Patriarchs Index

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Inclusion in a Paternal Line means that all individuals share a common grandfather.

I – Patriarch Line #1

I1 / I-M253

Thomas Golding, d. ca 1504, Cavendish, Suffolk … a descendant may have been Arthur and Percival Golding whose descendants emigrated via Caribbean to New York (see Line #2 below).  One Thomas Golding descendant has Terminal SNP: I-A16783

I – Patriarch Line #2

I1 / I-M253

Ephraim Golding and Rebecca Gibbes in St. Michael, Barbados, before immigrating to New York in 16xx.

This line is probably descended from Line #1. The level of markers testing is not high enough to conclusively declare a match.

I – Patriarch Line #3

I1 / I-M253

John Golden b. 1765 and d 1816, location unknown. No other information was given by the DNA test taker.

I – Patriarch Line #4

I1 / I-M253

John Golden, c1750–1816, and Permilla “Milly” Carder, c1765–1820