YDNA – Haplogroup J

Haplotype J

A haplotype indicates a specific branch on the DNA tree. Branches can have branches so just knowing that you match a specific group does not indicate descent or cousinship with other basic matches.

Determination of descent requires examination of DNA STR values — only testing via FTDNA provides this.

Other tests can identify your haplotype but do not provide STRs. 

YDNA Patriarchs Index

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Inclusion in a Paternal Line means that all individuals share a common grandfather.

J Paternal Lines #1-7

There are seven patriarch lines. One comes out of Ireland, Lithuania and Russia, three from Ukraine, and one from Rumania.

J-M172’s origin is in the modern northern Syria and eastern Turkey area.

J-M267’s origin is approximately the same region as J-M172. If there was ever a haplogroup that indicated ‘Abraham had two sons by two wives’ then this would be it. This haplogroup is as common in the Arab Middle Eastern areas as it is among those of Jewish origins.


Line #1, J-M267, M172: Two tests, Ukraine past or possibly current origin.

Line #2: J-M267: One test, Rumania. STR values indicate probable distant relationship to Line #1.

Line #3: J-M267: One test, Russia. STR values indicate probable distant relationship to Line #1. 

Lines #1-3 could be considered as the same line, but well beyond the ability of genealogies to track. STR differentiation within the first 12 markers indicate that these lines probably shared a common grandfather — but may have been 2000+ years in the past.


Line #4, J-M267: One test, Lithuania.

Line #5, J-M267: One test, Ukraine.

Line #6, J-M172: One test, Ukraine.

Line #7, J-M172: One test, Ireland


I have no information on these families other than their test kit numbers.