YDNA – Haplogroup T

Haplotype T

A haplotype indicates a specific branch on the DNA tree. Branches can have branches so just knowing that you match a specific group does not indicate descent or cousinship with other basic matches.

Determination of descent requires examination of DNA STR values — only testing via FTDNA provides this.

Other tests can identify your haplotype but do not provide STRs. 

YDNA Patriarchs Index

Got DNA info? Can add your line: Bill Golden, Norfolk1956@gmail.com

Inclusion in a Paternal Line means that all individuals share a common grandfather.

T Patriarch Line #1

There is just one tested T GFolk. Nothing is known about this family line. Their terminal SNP is ‘T-CTS1848’.

There are two non-GFolks with this SNP — their known origin: François Bernot b. abt 1618, d. 1677 Belgium … and … Luis Fundora Miranda (b. ~1825) La Habana, b. 1809 Cuba.