Descendants of William Golden (Goulden), c1750-1808, married to Nelly

Below are known Y-DNA kin.

  • FTDNA Kit 289065 (my Y-DNA)
  • FTDNA Kit 300733 (1st cousin)
  • FTDNA Kit 300735 (3rd cousin)
  • FTDNA Kit 300736 (2nd cousin 1x removed)
  • FTDNA Kit 328089 (? 3rd or 4th cousin … TBD)
  • FTDNA Kit 328091  (4th cousin 1x removed)
  • Ancestry JRG (17 MCRA generations apart)

2017.08.06 — this needs to be updated. Numerous other tests have been completed since 2014.

We might be related if your 12 marker test has these values:

DYS393 DYS390 DYS19 DYS391 DYS385 DYS426
13 25 14 11 11-14 or 12-14 12
DYS388 DYS439 DYS389I DYS392 DYS389II
12 11 13 13 29

I would be glad to discuss Y-DNA testing with you: Norfolk1956@gmail.com

DYS390 = 25 has often been associated with being of northern Irish or Scot regional descent, however it exists as well in England, and in other western areas of Europe. Here is an interesting paper (2007) on possible origins of DYS390 = 25.

DYS390 = 25 is carried by about 10 percent of the Atlantic Modal population (western Europe, Atlantic region), which is the classification of the Goldens tested above.

Ireland: DYS390 = 25 is also strongly associated with the Northwest Irish Modal Haplotype (Irish Type 1), aka descendants of the legendary 5th Century king, Niall of the Nine Hostages.  It is estimated that 21% of the Irish male population are descended from Niall, most of these descendents living in northwest Ireland. Irish geneticists predict that there may be as many as 2-3 million Irish-descendent males worldwide which carry Niall’s genes. However, outside of northwestern Ireland, DYS390=25 is fairly rare. DYS390=24 is dominant in Ireland, and DYS390=24 is dominant throughout the United Kingdom as well.

There are unique markers between this group and our own line of Goldens to show that while we are DYS90=25, we DO NOT descend from the Niall/Northwest Irish.

I have tested at the 67 marker level so I have a lot more data to work with that takes analysis beyond the basics of what a 12 marker test reveals and/or indicates.