Family history 1640 to present day

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UPDATED: 2013.08.12 // Changes described at bottom

1640-1684 John Golding >>> Immigrated to Virginia

————— 1640-1683 Elizabeth Ripley
————— Offspring: John William, Richard Griffin, William
————— My theory is that he immigrated from Massachusetts in 1651.

1670-1734 John (William) Golding
————— 1680-1715 Cassandra Cook Tucker
————— Offspring: Isabella, Elizabeth Garnett, William, James, John William, Cassie, Sarah, Simon
————— 1707-?? Elizabeth Turner
————— Offspring: John

1704-1782 (John) William Golding (Rev War)
————— 1704-1775 Elizabeth Foster
————— Offspring: William, Elizabeth, Mildred Permelia, John,  Robert, Henry, James, Reuben (Rev War), Richard, Anthony (Rev War), Sarah, Mary

1744-1788 Richard Golding (Rev War)
————— 1744-1837 Susanna Wilmoth
————— Offspring: Richard, William, Mary, Elizabeth, Caleb, Reuben, Isaac

1775-1845 Richard Golden
————— 1776-1850 Rachel Isabelah Green
————— Offspring: Nathaniel, Jane, John, Joseph

1812-1880 or 81/82 Nathaniel Greene Golden
————— abt 1825-1886 Arzela Moore
————— Offspring: Frederick, Marcus, Eliza, Mary, Richard, Sarah, Joseph, Martha, Nathaniel Jr., John
————— 1848-1930 Elizabeth Jane Sosebee
————— Offspring: John, Sarah, Ellen, Mire, Amanda, Crela

1866-1937 John Henry Hambright Golden
————— 1880-1958 Mary Elizabeth Bridges
————— Offspring: Joe, Bessie, Henry, Founery, John, Gladys, Myrtle

1904-1987 Henry Roosevelt Golden
————— 1907-1993 Readie Mae Belcher
————— Offspring: Charles, David, Donald, Helen, Sudie, John, Robert, Linda, Bill

1934-2001 John Henry Golden
————— 1933-1997 Clara Ann Norfleet
————— Offspring: William, Robert, Brenda, John Jr., Richard and James

1956-still here / William David Golden


2013.08.12 – Removed John 1/2 as being a son of William Golding b.1704. No evidence for two Johns in the family and William’s will only mentions one.

2013.06.23 – Changed the death date for John Golding b.1640 to d.1684 from d.1734; also added a link to my theory as to his origins.

2013.06.16 – Add link to newly created John Henry Golden information page.

2013.05.09 – Changed the birth year from 1635 to 1640 for John Golding married to Elizabeth Ripley. The 1635 date came from John Golding who was born 1635 to John Golding and to Joyce Thompson (b.1605 at nearby Nocton) ; John and Joyce also had a child named William Golding born just the year prior on 6 April 1634. Both were christened at the same church. >>> Think about this: even modern Dunston is ‘but a small village‘ per its 2013 description in Wikipedia. What are the chances that these Goldings are not related and that either the father or the grandfather is really named John William Golding — it would not be the first or second or third time within this family. >>> And with William being the first child of John and Joyce Golding then how often is it that the first born son is named after the father or the grandfather? … OK, so this sounds like guesstimation … but … =^)

2013.05.09 – Changed status of William Leftridge Golding as possibly having immigrated to Massachusetts or to Virginia, from just Virginia … if he immigrated at all.