1485-1547 John Golding, Esq. and Auditor of the Exchequer

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1485-1547 John Golding, Esq.

There are some serious issues with dates and attribution of who is whom’s mother. Arthur Golding, a son of John Golding, wrote a 1577 book Tragedie of Abraham’s Sacrifice, which he translated from the French. The book was republished in 1906 by Malcolm W. Wallace, Ph.D. and in the forward of the book Wallace outlines which children belong to which mother. No dates of birth are given so it becomes quickly problematic as to how Elizabeth Stowe could have been the mother of four of John’s children.

Wife #1: — Elizabeth Stowe 1502-1527
Offspring: There were four children of this marriage per Malcolm Wallace:  Thomas, William, Elizabeth, and Margaret … but is Margery 1528-1568 supposed to be Margaret?

  • Margaret ‘Margery’ Golding c.bef 1520-1568
    In the ‘Dictionary of National Biography, Vol 1-20, 22, page 75 for Arthur Golding (my 10th great grandfather): ‘Margaret’ is described as Arthur’s half-sister, who married John de Vere, sixteenth earl of Oxford.
  • Sir Thomas Golding, bef.1520-1573 (oldest son)
  • William Golding
  • Elizabeth Golding

Wife #2: — Ursula Merston 1510-1547+
Offspring: There were seven children of this marriage per Malcolm Wallace:  Henry, Arthur, George and Edward, plus three daughters Mary, Dorothy and Frances.

  • Henry Golding c.1528-1576
  • Frances Golding c.1530 –
  • Elizabeth Golding c.1530-
  • Arthur Golding, 1536-1606 // my grandfather
  • Edward Golding 1538-1572
  • Mary Golding 1544-
  • George Golding 1545-1584