1635-1640 John Golding – Gloucester, Virginia

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John Golding

Birth 16?? possibly in Lincolnshire, England or in the Hingham, Massachusetts area
Note: The Ripleys immigrated from England to Hingham, MA in 1638.
Death c.1684 in Gloucester, or Essex (St Annes Parish), Virginia
See the entry for 1651 land records below. It would appear that many or most of the Gloucester settlers came from Lincolnshire. Most adult settlers should probably be in their 20s or 30s. John came as an ‘imported’ person with the Richard Ripley family. If Ripley was born in 1619 then he would be 32 in 1651.

Married Elizabeth Ripley (b.1639) in 1658 at Gloucester, Virginia. There are many various dates given to her death, ranging from 1684-1725.

Note: Richard Ripley’s wife was also named Elizabeth. Elizabeth Ripley presented the will of Richard Ripley to the court at St Annes Parish, Essex, Virginia in 1711. She is listed as the executrix, and the recording of the will is witnessed by James Landrum and William Golding. This William is probably Richard’s nephew or grandson, born about 1680 to John Golding and Elizabeth nee Ripley who is the presumed sister but possibly daughter of Richard Ripley.



That would be appropriate for John Golding, father of a child born in 1635 or 1640. The problem with this logic is that various genealogies have Elizabeth Ripley (b.1639) marrying John Golding (b.1635/1640) and the timing really indicates that there should be an older John Golding (or William Golding ?) present in Virginia in the Gloucester area. So is there any evidence as to the age and the origin of whichever John Golding lived at Gloucester in 1651?

John Golding (Son)
Birth 1640 in Dunston, Lincolnshire, England
Death 1684 in Gloucester, Virginia

There is some debate as to whether John was born in 1635 or 1640, and whether John’s father was William Leftridge Golding or John Golding.

We know from the christening records that his parents are recorded in 1635 as John Golding and Joyce at the time of his baptism (1). He may have been born earlier however as baptisms were often conducted after the age of four. Christenings (committing your child to Gold’s blessings) and baptisms (once you have passed the age of innocence at four) were often recorded in church records, but these are two separate events.

Land Records

1651 Jan 29th – Richard Ripley (b. 1619 in Lincolnshire, England) receives 400 acres At the head of a branch in Winter Harbour neare New Point Comfort & running to the Bay. Rights assigned assigned from Mr. John Walker. HR: Mr. John Walker twice, Josias Lackly, Katherine ___, Danll. Tacker, John Singleton, Elizabeth Elderwell, John Golding. // Source: (Excerpted) Records of Colonial Gloucester County, Virginia, page 63. Original source: Co./Bk./Pg/ M/2/357

 Research Tasks
Acquire/View Abingdon Parish, Gloucester, Virginia parish records (exists as microfiche). This record may provide information on John Golding (1635/40-1684) and his family as it covers the last 20 years of his life and the first several decades of his son’s life. This assumes that John Golding would have participated in the mandatory Anglican (Episcopalian) attendance and payment of church taxes.  Legally he had no choice so perhaps he left records behind … begrudgingly.


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