1705-1782 John William Golding, Rev War DAR Patriot, South Carolina

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John William Golding

Born: 1703-05 at Essex County, Virginia
Died: 23 Sep 1782 at Ninety-Sixth District (Pickens Co.), South Carolina

Rev War ServiceRevolutionary War: While John William was much too old to fight, he worked hard to keep South Carolina militia furnished with supplies. His DAR recognition of service category is ‘Furnished supplies’. His service is documented at SC ARCH, ACCTS AUD #2926, ROLL #48.56, ACCOUNT OF JOHN GOLDING.

Note: In a number of genealogies John William is listed as ‘William’. ‘John William’ was also his father’s name, and ‘William’ was his grandfather who immigrated to Virginia. However, ‘John’ and ‘William’ seems to have been used as his primary name throughout his life. His Will is in the name of ‘William’.

Father: John Golding, 1670-1734
Mother: Cassandra Tucker, 1670-1715

Married in 1728 at Middlesex, Caroline County, Virgina to Elizabeth Foster, 1704-1775


  • John Golding, 1725-1801
  • William Golding, 1730-1811
  • Elizabeth Golding, 1731-1802
  • Mildred Permelia ‘Milly’ Golding, 1734-1802
  • Robert Golding, c.1740-1828
  • Henry Golding, c.1740-1784
  • James Golding, c1740-1753
  • Reuben Golding, 1741-1835 (Rev War)
  • Richard Golding, 1744-1788 (Rev War)
  • Anthony Golding, 1746-1801 (Rev War)
  • Sarah Golding, c.1746-1812
  • Mary Golding, 1748-1837