1812-1880 Nathaniel Greene Golden of Georgia, South Carolina and Tennessee

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UPDATED 2014.01.05

Nathaniel Greene “Green” Golden was born in 1812 in the Anderson-Oconee Counties area, and possibly in Pickens County, South Carolina.

The parentage of Nathaniel is unclear. Most genealogies hold that he is the son of Richard Golding/Golden (1775-1845) and Rachel Isabelah Green  (1776 – 1850).

There are conflicting theories that his father may have himself been named Green Golding. There was a Green Golding appointed Road Commissioner in South Carolina in 1821 for the area of what was the ‘Old 96th District’; he and other road commissioners in the area asked to step down in 1822. Although such an appointment should be of a prominent citizen, there is nothing more known about this Green Golding, who was probably born before 1800.

Nathaniel Greene Golden is my second great grandfather.

He died at some time in very late 1880 or shortly thereafter, with burial supposedly at the Indian Gap Cemetery, Yancey County, North Carolina. Nathaniel was still alive during the 1880 census.

>>> There appears to be no such place as the Indian Gap Cemetery in Yancey County, North Carolina, or anywhere in the state or in nearby states. // There is however a Paint Gap Cemetery on Indian Creek in Yancey. An index exists for this cemetery and there are no Goldens listed.

In summer of 2013 a 37 marker Y-DNA profile was established by four known descendents of Nathaniel. This Y-DNA profile carries a unique marker of DYS390=25. In late 2013 a match was made with Y-DNA to James Ramsey Golden. DNA results indicate that our most common recent ancestor (MCRA) was 17 generations ago. Unfortunately, there is no written, documented record of lineage going back that far.

To resolve the many open questions I have begun a special research project for 2014 focused on documenting what we know/do not know about Goldens originating in the State of South Carolina.

South Carolina Goldens/Goldings – It would appear that there were two Golding/Golden families residing in the Old 96th District, now known as the counties of Anderson, Pendleton and Pickens. Both had patriarchs  living in the area that were named William — William Golding (1704-1782, lived in Old 9th c1771-1782) and William M. Golden (1776-1853, lived in the Old 96th c1810). Both were born in Virginia. BOTH lines track back within various genealogies to John Golding born 1640 (Massachusetts?) of Gloucester, Virginia, and his son born 1670 at Essex, Virginia. Due to YDNA testing we now know that there are two separate Golding/Golden lines that originated in Virginia and arrived in South Carolina and then spread out to the rest of the USA. To resolve some questions we now need to find descendents of John Golden b1640 and b1670 that will take YDNA tests.

Family legend has it that Nathaniel Greene Golden was a country herbal doctor. While not much is known about him from any kind of official document, “Green Golden” seems to have been a memorable character. Only recently (2013) did I learn that his name was Nathaniel. He still popped up in conversation with family members back in the 1970s, but they knew him only as “Green Golden” — being a teen at the time I did not think to ask any questions. There was a family historian that my grandparents said that I should go talk to but I never did and today I cannot remember her name, although surely she is long passed away.

Was Nathaniel’s father also a Nathaniel?  Or was he Richard Golding/Golden born 1775 as many genealogies conclude?

Married Arzela Moore (1825-1886) of McMinn, Tennessee.
A number of atDNA connections link back to the Moore family.


  • Frederick N(athaniel) Golden (1846-??)
  • Marcus L. Golden (1847-1864)
  • Eliza Melone Golden (1849-1932)
  • Mary M. Golden (1852-1932)
  • Richard Burton “Dick” Golden (1853-1910)
  • Sarah Elizabeth Golden (1854-??)
  • Joseph Henry Golden (1858-1896)
  • Martha J. Golden (1860-1900)
  • Nathan Green Golden (1862-1933)
  • John Hambright “Henry” Golden (1866-1937)

Married Elizabeth Jane Sosebee (1848-1930)


  • John Dillard Golden (1868-1957)
  • Sarah Golden (1875-1936)
  • Amanda Golden (1879-1979)
  • Crela Golden (1882-1970)

Indian Gap, Yancey County, North Carolina

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2014.01.05 – Noted YDNA linkage to James Ramsey Golden and provided linkage to my South Carolina research project matching Goldens in context to historical events and location.

2013.10.24 – Added reference and link to Y-DNA testing done by NGG’s descendents. Added parents info. Noted possibility that NGG’s father may be Green Golden the road commissioner or some other Golden.

2013.04.29 – Removed Mire J. as a daughter of Elizabeth Jane Sosebee; 1920 census record shows that Mire’s mother’s name is Lizzie Golden, born about 1846 in Georgia.

2013.04.29 – Combined Ellen with Sarah; gave Sarah the middle name of Ellen;  was listed as Ellen in 1900 Census while living with mother Jane.

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