Family history 1360 to 1640

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c.1360-aft 1390 Sir Robert Golding or Sir Nicholas Golding
————— Offspring: Sir William (Glemsford, Suffolk, England)

1390-1470 Sir William Golding
————— bef 1420-1435+ Anna
————— Offspring:  John, Sir Thomas

1435-1505 Sir Thomas Golding

————— abt 1438 – 1504 Agnes Letton mar.1462
————— Offspring: John H, Alice, Thomas, Joane, John, Roger, Kateryn, Johane Crisale

————— abt 1480-1505+ Elizabeth Worthie
————— Offspring: Kathryn

1485-1547 John Golding, Esq.

—————Wife #1: — Elizabeth Stowe 1502-1527
————— Offspring: Sir Thomas, William, Elizabeth, and Margaret.

—————Wife #2: — Ursula Merston 1510-1547+
————— Offspring: Henry, Arthur, George and Edward, plus three daughters Mary, Dorothy and Frances.

1536-1606 Arthur Golding
————— 1523-1611 Ursula Royden
————— Offspring: Alice, Dorothy, Elizabeth, George, Jane, Henry, Percival
————— Note: Arthur Golding is probably one of the more accomplished Goldings in history (although he has a sad story at the end). Although he died in 1606 he currently (2013) has at least six books for sale on (reprints and commentaries on his writings) and there is even a several hundred pages biography of Arthur written by Louis Thorn Golding (1936/37) of New Jersey, descendent of the line of Goldings via immigration of Percival Golding Jr’s line.

1579-1635 Percival Golding
————— 1580-1640 Emily Farmer
————— Offspring:  Gideon, Percival Jr, (John) William

————— Note: The line from Percival Jr is a most interesting branch of the family and has a much documented history of its own. Percival Jr immigrated to Barbados and then his descendents later immigrated to New York. En route in their immigration the family supposedly stopped in the Jamestown, Virginia area but continued on after deciding that greener pastures lay further north. The family split during the Revolutionary War and a number of loyalists went to Canada. Regardless, this is a very interconnected family and am in contact with some today. Unlike their southern more rural cousins, this branch has left a very large amount of trackable information as they have lived through the ages.

1598- 1673 (John) William Golding >>> Possibly immigrated to Massachusetts or to Virginia via Bermuda
————— Married: ??
————— Offspring: John


2013.09.20 – Am writing William Leftridge Golding (1598-1648/80) out of the history books. He never existed despite being listed in many different genealogies.

2013.06.22 – Did some wordsmithing. Tightened phrasing. No new info added or removed.