Edward Norfleet, 1695–1747

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Edward Norfleet, 1695–1747

BIRTH 1695 • New Kent, New Kent, Virginia
DEATH 1747 • Nansemond, Virginia

Relationship: 6th great-grandfather


Edward Norfleet, 1676–1735, and Mary Elizabeth ?LNU, 1675–1749


Rachel (Williams ?), 1700–1770

The possible last name of Williams is mentioned in several genealogies. There is no known evidence for it.

Relationship: 6th great-grandmother


  • Edward Norfleet, 1715–1747
  • John Norfleet, 1716–1777
  • Rachael Norfleet, 1718–1770
  • Thomas Norfleet, 1720–1777

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