Thomas Norfleet, 1645–1700

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Thomas Norfleet, 1645–1700

BIRTH 1645 • Molash, Kent, England
DEATH 1700 • New Kent, Virginia

Relationship: 8th great-grandfather

Map – Molash, Kent, England

Map – Northfleet, Kent, England

It is also claimed that the family came from Northfleet.


Unknown Norfleet


Elizabeth ?LNU, c1650–1700

BIRTH BEF 1650 • Molash, Kent, England
DEATH 1700 • New Kent, New Kent, Virginia, United States

Relationship: 8th great-grandmother


  • Thomas Norfleet, 1669–1721
  • John Norfleet, 1671–1734
  • Christopher Norfleet, 1674–1733
  • Edward Norfleet, 1676–1735

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