Spelling of the ‘Golden’ family name through history

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The family name of Golden can be found spelled many different ways.

Shown below are some of the ways that the name can appear in records; and Golden’s themselves have been known to spell the name differently until just the last generation or two.

Gaulding, Goin, Going, Goings, Goldey, Goldie, Goldy, Goldin, Golding, Goldney, Goldon, Goldwin, Goldwyn, Goldyng, Golton, Gooldy, Gooling, Goolding, Gordon, Gordy, Goulden, Goulding, Gouldinge, Gouldney, Gwaltney

My own second grade report card for Hendricks Avenue Elementary School in Jacksonville, Florida had my name listed as William Gordon. For whatever reason my parents did not argue over the spelling with the school.

As spelling became more standardized, and folks realized that a name could phonetically take many forms, then often records were crossreferenced to make sure that we could be found. One such example is below where one of my grandfather Golden’s Revolutionary War records were crossreferenced.

Golden  (Goolding redirect) - Richard - Rev War - 9th Virginia Regt