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The following are timeline events involving Golding/Goldens. Dark gray text indicates that there is no known relationship between my line and the individual(s) discussed.

1066 – Before the Norman Conquest of Britain, the inhabitants of England largely did not have hereditary surnames: they were known just by a personal name or nickname or as being of somewhere. And so it appears that it was with the Goldings as well — although the family was well established enough that their name was documented in the Domesday Book and then carried forward with them: Goldinc and Goldingham — the town of Goldings.

1283–1284 – Ralph De Golding of Goldington was High Sheriff of Bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire. One sheriff was appointed for both counties from 1125 until the end of 1575, after which date separate sheriffs were appointed. // Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/High_Sheriff_of_Bedfordshire_and_Buckinghamshire

1321 – “In 1321 Hugh of Castle Cnok, lately purveyor of the king at Dublin, and Petronilla, widow of Nicholas Golding, former purveyor, sought a discharge in the Exchequer for their account of wheat received from the king. They asserted that they had delivered it to these same bakers in Dublin to be made into bread for the use of Edmund le Botiller, then Justiciar of Ireland, and his army in the marches of Leinster.” // Source: Devenish in Medieval Ireland, page 104. 

1547 – Thomas Golding, Gent. (and later a knight) son of John Golding, came into “… the manor of Arsick’s, and the manor of Rous in this town, in the 38th of Henry VIII. with 6 messuages, 2 cottages, 500 acres of land, 60 of meadow, 200 of pasture, 30 of wood, 100 of heath and furze, and 10l. per ann. rent in Dunham Magna and Parva, and East Lexham: and in the 6th of Elizabeth, Sir Thomas Golding, Knt. and Henry Golding, Esq. conveyed to Nicholas and William Mynns the aforesaid two manors.” Source: http://www.british-history.ac.uk/report.aspx?compid=78601#s1

1553 Jul 14th – James Golding (Goling) receives a B.A. and an M.A., Oxford.

1568 May 31st – John Golding graduates from Oxford with a B.A.

1576 Dec 22nd – Stephen Goldinge of hants, pleb. enrolled at ALL SOULS’ COLL(EGE), Oxford at age 15.

1615 – Ed(ward) Golding receives a B.A. from PEMBROKE COLL(EGE), Cambridge; and continues on to receive an M.A. on July 10th, 1621.

1615 – John Goldinge – “…To Eichard Tauemer, John Goldinge and William the younger shepheard each of them one ewe, and a lambe, neither of the best nor worst…” — from the Will of Thomas Walcotte of Lincolnshire, England, August 1615

1633 May 16 (Eng) – Richard Goulding (1616-??) marries  Mary Scortreth at Lincolnshire.

1637 – (Eng/VA)William Leftridge Golding immigrates to Virginia — although if his son John was born in 1640 in Dunstan, Lincolnshire instead of in 1635 then this is probably not William Leftridge; see 1646.

1638 – (Eng/VA)Thomas and Dorothy Golding immigrate to Virginia.

1646 – (Eng/VA) William Golding immigrates to Virginia.

1704 – (Eng/VA) Harriett Golden immigrates to Virginia.

1760 – (Eng/VA) Charles Golding immigrates to the USA (between 1760-1763). 

1774 – (VA) Richard Golding (b.1744, d.1788) moves from Orange County, Virginia and reestablishes home in South Carolina. See Land Grants of Abbeville County, South Carolina, Book A, page 94: Richard Golding as a citizen granted 640 acres of land situated on 12 Mile River bounding on all sides on vacant land surveyed by John Martin on the 24th day of June last as appears by his certificate with the form and marks as platted and recorded this 17 Aug 1784, signed Robert Anderson

1834 – (Eng.) Abraham Golding & Mary Moore marry, Cambridgeshire Parish Register, England. // Source

1983 – (Eng.) Sir William Golding (1912-1993), English author of “Lord of the Flies”, winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1983.

2012 Apr – (Eng.) John Golding – distinguished painter, art historian, exhibition curator and teacher died at the age of 82. | Source