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There are two lists of who-is-who based upon YDNA testing:

DNA Tests Currently Underway
The following DNA test kits are in process.

Kit # // Type // When Submitted // Results Expected // Purpose

364409 // Y 12 Marker // 2015.06.27 // 2015. 09.15 // This line claims descent from William Golder, documented as transported to Virginia on the ship George. His age was 22, born c1613. NOTE: It appears that the ship continued on to Gravesend (Brooklyn, New York). That is where he ended up. Many New England Goldens descend from this line, although some family members still use Golder as their formal name.

425484 // Y 25 Marker // 2015.10.24 // 2015.12.15 // This line claims to be descended from Abraham Golden, one of the sons of William and Nellie Golden. The Y 12 Marker test came back as very, very similar to my own and to other Goldens. Two markers were different and I initially dismissed the test results (2015.08.30) as being related to our Goldens. However, I discovered that this test was only one marker different than that of another Golden, one which we know to be related to us (a descendant of Isaac Golden, brother of Abraham and our Nathaniel Green). FTDNA considers there to be a probable member of our Golden family so I upgraded the test to confirm this. Results should be in by mid-December 2015.

436032 // Y 12 Marker // 2015.08.17 // 2015.11.01 // A) Determine relationship to William Hardy Golden family of Georgia; B) WHG claims descent from John William Golden (1725-1801) who may be the father of William Golden (c1750-1808), married to “Nellie”; and C) This line also claims lineage back to John Golding and Elizabeth Ripley of Gloucester, Virginia.


Completed DNA Tests indicating relationships

Ancestry / YSearch 4EP4D — … via Isaac and Ruth Sheehan, parents: William and Nellie Golden

FTDNA 328089 — … via Isaac, of William and Nellie

FTDNA 328091 — … via Nathaniel Green, b 1812

FTDNA 289065 — … via Nathaniel Green, b 1812

FTDNA 300736 — … via Nathaniel Green, b 1812

FTDNA 300735 — … via Nathaniel Green, b 1812

FTDNA 300733 — … via Nathaniel Green, b 1812

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