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What YDNA analysis tells us:
1500 BCE – Proto-Germans, living in Baltic region
We are R1b-U106 > Z381 > Z156 > Z306 > Z304 > DF98 > S18823 > R-FGC20588 > R-FGC20605 > R-FGC20581  … aka R1b1a1a2a1a1c1a1
(Jan 2018 ISOGG)

We have living cousins that match R-FGC20588 in Norway and Sweden.

Ancient Grandfathers c3689 – 471 BC

Before 1640: United Kingdom

Wales ranks high as place of origin for our Goldens, an origin prior to coming to Virginia between 1628-1640.  YDNA (67 marker match) from an 1847 English immigrant, James Keeling, which are undoubtedly related to the earlier 1600s Keeling immigration, shows the family to have been living in the Hungerford, Berkshire, England area for at least two generations.James Keeling Hungerford, Berkshire, England

Recent Grandfathers:

Gouldman / Keeling

Genes Tree
of Ancestors

1650-1720 – Bit of a mystery here. atDNA strongly indicates descent from a combination of the Awbrey, Meador, Tomlin and Keeling line. Our Golden male yDNA is an exact match for the Keeling line so a Keeling grandfather exists. The first record of the Goulden name is with Barbara Goulden (b c1720 Caroline County, VA) who married into the Henry Rains family. Per the Winston Family History, Elizabeth Noel (c1713 VA – aft 1760 (SC)), daughter of Daniel Noel (b c1665 VA) married a Thomas Gouldman. No record of that marriage or any descendant genealogy exists — but DNA says this marriage is probably our grandfather whom we know as Thomas Goulden (b c1704 VA – aft 1790 SC).
Thomas Goulden

c1725 – abt 1800 SC … settled in Newberry, South Carolina no later than 1760-61.

Thomas Goulden is the best candidate as the father of our William Goulden (c1750-1809) and/or Samuel Golden (c1770-1856).

William Goulden c1750 – c1809 SC Eleanor, Elender, “Nellie”
Nathaniel Greene Goulden, Sr. c1783 SC – c1846 SC Rachel Isabella Morgan
Nathaniel Green Golden, Jr. 1812 SC – 1882/3 NC Arzela Moore
Elizabeth Sosebee
John Hambright ‘Henry’ Golden 1866 TN – 1937 AL Mary Elizabeth Bridges (Page)
Henry Roosevelt Golden 1904 AL – 1987 AL Readie Mae Belcher
John Henry Golden 1934 AL – 2001 FL Clara Anne Norfleet
Private – no children from this marriage.
William David Golden 1956 VA >= 2019 VA Private

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