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My Goldens and Extended Family

My direct family line can be documented back to approximately 1763/1767 in the old Ninety Six District of South Carolina. Eleven male Goldens have taken matching 37 marker yDNA tests, all linking back to South Carolina and to William and Nellie Goulden (Golden).

How did we get there? Unsure. 1767 is when settlement of the Ninety Six region began. Many local areas were settled by large groups of immigrants that were settled in planned subdivisions. This included French Hugenots, German Palatinates, and Ulster Irish. However, many Pennsylvanians and Virginians also moved to the area — applying for individual plots of land.

No version of our family name appears among the various immigrant groups. We know that application by Thomas Goulden for the land which he eventually received in 1767 was surveyed under his name in 1763. This would indicate that Thomas Goulden had the economic means and patience required to wait for five years before finally receiving his land grant.

It is yet unproven that Thomas Goulden of 1763/67 is our distant grandfather.

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