Goldens related per DNA

Goulden, Barbara – b1720 VA, d1794 NC — Barbara connects to a variety of our Golden family lines via atDNA. Her connection across lines is diverse enough that there is a very high probability that is a direction relation to our Goldens.

MYSTERY of our relationship

One of the few specifics known about Barbara is that she and her husband John Henry Rains (1704-1785) purchased land in Culpeper County in 1735.

Culpeper County, Virginia

  • READ — (2001) Barbara Goulden married into the Raines family;  there is some confusion but good documentary discussion as to which Raines are family members or not.
  • READ — (2003) Barbara Goulden as a parent of Capt. John Rains.

Barbara Goulden and John Henry Rains



Catherine Wilbraham Goulden (1788 England – 1860 NJ) married to John Isherwood, born 1792 Cheshire, England and passed March 8, 1854 at Paterson, Passaic, New Jersey.


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