Civil War – A House Divided – 1,654 Goldens Meet on the Battlefield

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When war came the Goldens sent their own Army, fighting in large numbers for both the Union and for the Confederacy.

Some volunteered, and many were drafted — on both sides. Union forces also included 31 Golden volunteers within “Colored” units: non-white military units.

Names and units of those that fought for the Confederacy and the Union.

The overwhelming majority of these Goldens et al are kin deriving from just four immigrant families, three arriving from England between 1607-1667 and one from Ireland around 1760-1770.

A House Divided

Confederate Union
Gaulden 19 4
Gaulding 38 7
Golden 362 667
Goldin 21 32
Golding 134 131
Goulden 21 66
Goulding 49 103
Total 644 1,010
Over time I will add additional names but will forego revising the math. The numbers are sobering for a house divided regardless of whether off by a digit or two.