Nellie Golden, c1755-1810, of Edgefield, South Carolina

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Woman SilouetteNellie Golden is my 4th great-grandmother.

There is no documentation for Nellie Golden’s existence except for the 1810 Census of Edgefield, South Carolina.

Nellie was probably born between 1750-1755, but we do not know where. She and William Goulden, our oldest known great-grandfather probably married between 1780-1782. Their first child (my line) was Nathaniel Greene Goulden, born in late 1782 or early 1783.

There were three sons: Nathaniel (c1783), Isaac (1785), Abraham (1791). There were four daughters but we  know the probable name of only one: 1784 (Mary Frances), 1785, 1792 and 1794.

Per family history notes, our great-grandfather William was buying land in 1808 and the deal completed by 1809 … but it is uncertain whether William or Nellie completed the land deal. William was not with us when the 1810 census came along. Nellie (Nelly) appearing in the census as ‘head of household’ indicates that William had probably passed away.

Within the 1810 census there was a young man: youngest son Abraham was the only son of appropriate age, so he was still living at home. A daughter of age appropriate for Mary Frances (1784) was also still at home, as was the daughter born about 1785. However, one daughter was missing: either daughter 1792 or daughter 1794. Either were on the edge of being marrying age and so may have married off. Maybe.

1810 Edgefield SC Census

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