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Family Histories of Kinfolk related to GFolks

Genealogy stuff — stuff you should know:

  • Gedmatch Admixture Guide
    ? What is the difference between all of the different DNA ethnicity models? is a website where you upload your raw DNA data for further analysis and match with people from other companies who have also upload their data. HOWEVER, most of the models offered for you to test your DNA for ethnicity are not worth much unless understood in perspective. (170407)
  • GEDmatch – Understanding how matches work
  • What percentage of your atDNA is a good match? 
    In general a long consecutive string of half-identical SNP results (typically about 7 centiMorgans / 700 SNPs, depending on the test’s error rate and other factors) is required before one can infer that two matching DNA segments are probably related within the last seven generations.

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South Carolina


Bassett (W of Danville) — Bassett Historical Center is the repository for all genealogical research and local history for the counties of Henry and Patrick and the City of Martinsville, VA.  Map to Location / 4.5 hours

Lynchburg — Jones Memorial Library:  its primary focus is on the central Virginia area, the collection includes a wide variety of materials covering the State of Virginia as well as the surrounding states, including county histories and court records, family histories and genealogies, general works on the Civil War, county land tax and personal property tax records, and census records. Map to Location / 3.5 hours travel

Prince William eLibrary – consists of historic records, vital records, photos, images, and maps … and much more.

Prince William – Bull Run Region Library Relic Room –  devoted to genealogy and local history with a focus on Virginia and Prince William County.

VA – Fredericksburg
Search Court Records Online
— Goes back to the early 1800s; includes a wide range of

VA – Fredericksburg
Central Rappahannock Regional Library 
1201 Caroline Street, Fredericksburg, VA 22401
— A very good regional library for northern Virginia, less Alexandria and Fairfax.

Libraries — major libraries for GA NC SC VA and early Scot immigration

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Cemeteries of Interest

  • NC – Paint Gap, Burnsville — Horton Hill Cemetery — Is this the resting place of Nathaniel Greene Golden (1812-1882/3)? This cemetery is located across the street from Paint Gap Presbyterian Church.