1807 Georgia Land Lottery Grantees and Fortunate Drawers

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1807 Georgia Land Lottery Grantees and Winners

From the 1807 Georgia Land Lottery website:

On 14 November 1805, in Washington, D.C., the Creek Indians ceded the remaining land between the line of the 1803 Fort Wilkinson treaty and the Ocmulgee River, excepting a reserve three miles by five miles where Fort Hawkins was built and that encompasses east Macon. Today, this tract includes all or part of Morgan, Jasper, Putnam, Jones, Twiggs, Wilkinson, Pulaski, Laurens, Dodge, Telfair, and Wheeler Counties. The treaty was ratified by the United States on 2 June 1806.

The eligibility requirements for the 1807 Land Lottery were very similar to the 1805 Land Lottery. Free white males over 21 years of age who were citizens of the United States, residents of Georgia at least three years prior to June 1806, and who “paid a tax towards the support of Government” were eligible for one draw. Free white males of the preceding description who also had a wife or legitimate children under age twenty one were eligible for two draws. All widows with three years residence in Georgia were eligible for one draw. Orphan families whose members were all under 21 years old and whose father was dead received one draw together. If both parents were dead, orphan families consisting of more than one orphan received two draws.

The first grants were issued on 30 September 1807. In order to obtain their grant, fortunate drawers were required to pay six dollars per hundred acres, or $12.15. Large numbers of grants were issued on a regular basis until the end of 1808.

Fortunate Drawers and actual grantees that were able to pay the fees:

Henry Golden
John Golden Senr.
James Golding
Peter Golding orphans of

Allied Families

Anderson Foster
Arthur Foster
Ebenezer Foster
John Foster
John Foster Junr.
John Foster Senr.
John H. Foster orphans of
Samuel Foster orphans of
Anthony Garnett
Reubin Garnett
Zachariah Garnett

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