Thomas Goulden of Bush River, Newberry, SC (c1720-aft 1790)

THOMAS GOULDEN, c1720-bef 1800   I believe that the father of our grandfather William Goulden is Thomas Goulden.   This is based upon circumstantial evidence. I have also collected DNA information on numerous other Golden, Golding etc families living in the area — which eliminates many of these families from consideration as being paternally related. … Read more

John William Golding/Golden, 1785, Wilkes County Georgia

Golding / Golden / Goulding et al Family History on Facebook 1773 — Georgia, the area that came to be known as Wilkes County is opened for settlement. Prior to 1773 this area had been officially sanctioned for traders but not for settlers. There appears to be no reason to believe that settlers had encroached … Read more

Sir Nicholas Golding, b.circa 1370 … born in Estonia. Really? An unsolved mystery.

Golden, Golding, Goulding et al Family History on Facebook A number of modern Golding genealogies include (Sir) Nicholas Golding in the line of the Glemsford Goldings. His father was supposedly John Golding b.1350 at Glemsford, Suffolk, England. There is plenty of evidence for a John Golding being at Glemsford (the 1327 Gleanings Report; 1350’s John, … Read more

Micagor – Micajah – McCager Golden, 1829 VA to 1875 MO

Micajah Golden‘s line seldom extends beyond showing his parents. The glue that binds him to a specific family tree are a number of YDNA tests that match with descendants of William Golding c1704-1782 and Elizabeth Foster c1704-1775. Born 17 Feb 1829  at Elk Creek, Grayson, Virginia … not known to be home turf to Goldings … Read more