atDNA Match via Readie Mae Belcher Golden to Elizabeth Ann Betsy Martin (1762 SC – 1829 AL)

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This DNA match on links me with a bunch of new cousins in the Belcher, Brooks, Buzbee, Drummond, Fields, and Martin families.

One of the great side benefits of DNA testing is that it provides you with a historical timeline and geolocational point of reference for finding documentation … because NOW you know where your family was and whom they were with (although not 24/7 like the NSA knows … =^)

Elizabeth Ann Betsy Martin
BIRTH 1762 • South Carolina, United States
DEATH 1829 • Jefferson, Alabama, United States
RELATIONSHIP: 6th great-grandmother

Elizabeth Ann Betsy Martin


Isaac Fields
BIRTH ABT 1788 • Laurens, SC
DEATH 1850 • Five Mile, Jefferson, AL
RELATIONSHIP: 5th great-grandfather

William Hampton Fields
BIRTH 1815 • Tennessee
DEATH 18 OCT 1866 • Jefferson, AL
RELATIONSHIP: 4th great-grandfather

Susan Penelope Fields
BIRTH APR 1842 • Alabama
DEATH 1900 • Unknown
RELATIONSHIP: 3rd great-grandmother

Martha Melissa Brooks
BIRTH 06 JAN 1862 • Alabama
DEATH 18 MAY 1941 • Jefferson County, AL
RELATIONSHIP: 2nd great-grandmother

Sultania Graham
BIRTH 18 FEB 1886 • Jefferson, AL
DEATH 31 JAN 1923 • Coalburg, Jefferson, AL
RELATIONSHIP: Great-grandmother

Readie Mae Belcher
BIRTH 03 OCT 1907 • Jefferson County, AL
DEATH 16 MAR 1993 • Dora, Walker, AL
RELATIONSHIP: Paternal grandmother

John Henry Golden, USMC
BIRTH 12 SEP 1934 • Birmingham, Jefferson, Alabama, USA
DEATH 8 MAY 2001 • Jacksonville, St Johns, Florida, USA

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