Catherine Ann Golden of Maryland – 1833 to 1934 – 101 Years Young!

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Catherine Ann Golden was born as the daughter of William Perry Golden (1810 – 1846) and Catherine Ann Posey (1795 – 1865) from Durham Parish, Charles County, Maryland. Where this line of Goldens originated before 1810 is unknown.

In 1866 she married Major Henry Everett Carter of Coles District, Quantico, Prince William County, Virginia where they resided until Major Carter’s death in 1882.  Her life in Coles District, Prince William County, which is just outside of Quantico Marine Corps base and Dumfries, Virginia, was undoubtedly a very sleepy rural place to live. It enjoyed that reputation well into the 1970; parts of Coles District remains rural even today. (I live in Coles District, c2014).

Little is known about her life in Prince William County. Her home was on a tract of land just over 200 acres in size, located today within is what is the Prince William National Forest.

After her husband’s death in 1882, Catherine Ann rejoined and lived with the many members of her Golden family (mother, brothers, sisters) who lived in downtown Washington, DC. Their homes were all within an easy walk to the White House or to Congress.

The Goldens moved from Maryland to Washington DC just prior to the Civil War years and lived in Washington DC from at least 1860 well into the 1930s.

Paintings such as that below of Catherine Ann Golden were usually reserved for the well-to-do or the wealthy. As for her actual situation we know only that she lived in a time and place where resident families very much were well-to-do. There are no anecdotal details of her life that remain to us today.

Catherine Ann Golden
Catherine Ann Golden, 1833-1934. Photo National Park Service

The Golden family must have possessed at least some moderate level of wealth as they lived in the area that is today just one street over from the L’Enfant Metro Station and just three blocks from the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum.

There are no surviving homes today from the era when Catherine Ann and her family lived in Washington DC. The area today is where many government agencies (DHS, HUD, U.S. Comptroller) maintain their headquarters.

Catherine Ann Golden had three children with her husband Major Henry Everett Carter:

  • Catherine Penelope “Katie” Carter (1867 – ??)
  • William Golden Carter (1870 – 1923)
  • Margaret Nelson “Maggie” Carter (1872 – 1928)
Major Henry Everett Carte
Major Henry Everett Carter; there is no record of him having ever been given the rank of major, although he was a captain, Virginia Militia, CSA. Image: National Park Service.

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