Civil War – Goldens that served

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++ indicates a family member.

++ George Jasper Golden (1833-1880) // 2nd cousin x3 removed // Captain, CSA, Georgia. Cofounder of Stanford & Golden ‘Engine Builders and General Machinists’ credited with design of the world’s first breech-loading artillery gun. Stanford & Golden was colocated with the Columbus Ironworks, established in 1863 and operated by the Confederate Goverment as the Naval Iron Works, making cannon and other war ammunitions and two gunboats. This plant was credited with making the first breech-loading cannon. Though the cannon never made it into general use, coming too late in the war, the Iron Works contributed much of the artillery used by the South in the war.

George W. Golden, Private, CSA, Company “F” 27th Alabama Infantry Regiment, enlisted on Jan 25, 1862 at Madison, Alabama. Taken as a POW on October 12th, 1863 at Huntsville, Alabama … transferred to Nashville, Tennessee on October 20th … then sent to Louisville, Kentucky for transfer for POW internment at Camp Morton, Indianapolis, Indiana on October 21st. George W. Golden escaped from Camp Morton on November 13th, 1864, but was recaptured. Released on May 20th, 1865 after taking an oath of allegiance to the United States.

John W. Golden KIA (Company “G”) 52nd Indiana Infantry