Did Emily Farmer, wife of Percival Golding, exist?

Numerous genealogies list an Emily Farmer, 1580–1640 (England) as being wife to Percival Golding, b1579 Allhallows, London – d1635 Belchamp Otton, Essex, England.

There is no known documentary reference to an Emily or Emily Farmer being wife, or associated, with Percival Golding.

>> Lack of evidence also does not mean that she did not exist and was not Percival’s wife.

It has been suggested that her first name may have been Emma or Emmery.

Likewise, there is no known mention of any specific person being wife to Percival Golding. Percival is believed to have had three sons, to include a Percival Junior, who will migrate with his family to the Somer Isles (Caribbean).

Percival’s descendants would continue migrating and found their way to Long Island, New York by 1670.

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