YDNA – Haplogroup R

Haplogroup R

A haplotype indicates a specific branch on the DNA tree. Branches can have branches so just knowing that you match a specific group does not indicate descent or cousinship with other basic matches.

Determination of descent requires examination of DNA STR values — only testing via FTDNA provides this.

Other tests can identify your haplotype but do not provide STRs.

YDNA Patriarchs Index

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Got questions? Bill Golden, Norfolk1956@gmail.com Inclusion in a Paternal Line means that all individuals share a common grandfather.

R1b Patriarch Line #1 


Golding, William, c1704-1782, and Elizabeth Foster, c1704-1775 of Orange, Virginia and Ninety Six District, South Carolina.

R1b Patriarch Line #2

R1b-U106 > Z381 > Z156 > Z306 > Z304 > DF98 > S18823

This line begins with Golden, William, c1750-1808/9, and wife Nellie LNU, c1755-aft 1810 of Edgefield, South Carolina. Birthplaces unknown.

An exact match, indicating ‘son of’, or ‘brother’, or ‘first cousin’ is Samuel Golden, 1770–1857, and Lydia Parrish, 1775–1859, both of South Carolina prior to moving to Weakley Co, Tennessee.

All children of William and Nellie Golden born in South Carolina between 1782-1794. The family lived in the Beaverdam, Saluda, Edgefield, SC area as of 1792, in the Newberry area. This family probably descends from a Thomas Goulden or Gouldman who settled at Newberry in 1760.

R1b Patriarch Line #3

R1b R-M269

John Gaulding, 1770–1830, passed at Davidson, Tennessee, married to Martha LNU, 1788–1827, passed at Bibb, Georgia; both born at Prince Edward County, Virginia.

These Gauldings believe they are related to John Gaulding, born c1665/70 at Kent, Virginia. The Gaulding name first appears about 1651 in Prince Edward County, Virginia and is well documented thereafter within the region.  However, there is not a document trail from John Gaulding of 1770-1830 to John Gaulding of 1665/70 … although there is no reason to believe that research could not prove such a link. … Kit #358390 notes that the oldest known patriarch is John Gaulding of 1698-1740, married to Mary Anne Stuart. She is considered to be the spouse of John Gaulding of 1665/70 … who also passed about 1740 … so #358390 probably means related to John Gaulding of 1665/70. I have not seen the genealogy that actually reaches back so cannot attribute this YDNA past John Gaulding 1770-1830.

R1b Patriarch Line #4


Jacob Golden Sr., 1756–1779, of Pittsylvania County, Virginia and Mary Ann Adams, 1758–1853, of Virginia.

Descendants of this family have a Facebook page. The maternal German-Swiss Bender line of this family is well documented but nothing is known about the paternal Golden line.

R1b Patriarch Line #5

R1b / R-M222

William Golden, born 1823 in Washington, County, Maryland. Married to Mary Elizabeth Sherwood, 1826-1901. Parents for both are unknown.

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