Doris P. Staples of Prince William County, Virginia married which Golden?

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Doris P. Staples
Birth 5 Mar 1924 in District of Columbia
Death 24 May 1971 in Woodbridge, Virginia

Doris was the adopted daughter of  Gustavus A Staples (b.1863-1944) and Amanda E Staples (b.1869-1940). She was adopted at an early age and appears in the 1930 census as being age 6, living in the Staples household.

Her gravestone indicates that Doris probably married a Golden, but which one?

Doris P. Staples Golden

Doris has intrigued me for a number of years. I coach soccer at the Howison Homestead Park on Minnieville Road., in Woodbridge, Virginia. All that remains of the homestead is the family cemetary of the Howison and Staples family. Next to Doris’ gravestone is a small white metallic cross, possibly indicating the presence of a child.