Eliza Melone Golden Nicholson (1850 – 1932)

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Eliza Melone Golden

Eliza Melone Golden Nicholson
Eliza Melone Golden Nicholson

Birth 14 Jun 1849 in South Carolina
Death 25 Nov 1932 in Precinct 1, Coleman, Texas


Nathaniel Greene Golden (1812 – 1882) and Arzela Moore (1825 – 1886)


Isaac F Nicholson, 1852 – 1941


  • Martha Azalie Nicholson, b1873 –
  • John A Nicholson, b1875 –
  • Joseph D Nicholson, b1876 –
  • Leah E Nicholson, b1878 –
  • Mary Cordelia Nicholson, b1879 – 1965
  • Gaily D Nicholson, b1883 – 1957
  • Miles Green Nicholson, b1885 – 1967
  • James J. Nicholson, b1887 –
  • Thomas Richard Nicholson, b1888 – 1975
  • Janetta A Nicholson, b1891 – 1960


March 7th, 1907 Letter to the War Department

Eliza’s brother Marcus had been killed in action during the Civil War as Union soldier fighting for a Tennessee cavalry unit. Two sisters were now living as invalids. Eliza had previously written to President Hayes seeking a pension for them based upon Marcus’ military service. It appears that he indicated that he would look into it.

Below is page one of Eliza’s letter to follow up and to seek a pension to assist her two sisters.

Eliza Melone Nicholson Golden
1907 letter written to the War Department following up her letter to and response from President Hayes seeking a pension.
Letter provided courtesy of Carole Golden Alessi.

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