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Escambia County Alabama

Updated 2016.03.23

The following notes were taken from sources available at the Gadsden, Alabama, public library back when I got a chance to visit 9 September 1988.

All spellings are as in the original source documents. Read dates as YYYYMMDD (Year Month Day).

Source: Headstones and Heritages; Cemeteries of Escambia County, AL, by Reginald McFarland and Lennis and Leslie Shelton, 1974.

pp6: Burnice E. Golden, b. 19350927 d. 19351109, buried Beulah Cemetery, near Pollard, AL, in T-2-N, R-8-#, Section 5. Recorded 19730414.

pp 219: buried beneath a double marker “Golden” are Allie Zora S. Golden with the date 18980129 and J.B. Golden with the dates b. 18970305 d. 19670918; located at Little Escambia Baptist Church Cemetery located on the west side of Highway 27 and about 500 feet north of US31 in the vicinity of Flomaton, AL in T-1-N, R-8-E, Section 27. Recorded 19730629.

pp 219: Rebecca Ann Golden, no dates given, buried next to Allie and J.B. Golden in the “R. Golden plot” at Little Escambia Baptist Church Cemetery.

pp 241: Christeene M. Golden 19250211 and Ed Lee Golden b. 19180812 and d. 19700321 are buried under a double “Golden” marker at Mize Cemetery located in the vicinity of Flomaton, AL, in T-1-N, R-8-E, Section 21. Mize Cemetery was established 1905. Recorded 19720320.

pp 342-343 are all buried at Rock Cemetery, AL:

pp 342: an infant noted as “Infant of A.J. Golden and wife” was buried between Marvin and Minnie Golden at Rock Cemetery, also known as Knowles Cemetery, located between Flomaton and Pollard, off Highway 31 South in T-1-N, R-8-E, Section 21; Recorded 19720320.

pp 342: Minnie Lee Golden b. 19110312 d. 19110313 noted as the “daughter of W.S. and C.J. Golden is buried at Rock Cemetery.

pp 343: an infant was buried between Nellie and Odell Golden with no name or date given.

pp 343: an infant noted only as the son of Ralph and Melver Golden with the date 1935, was buried 9 places over from Odell Golden.

pp 343: Callie J. Golden b. 18810218 d. 19671108 and William S. Golden b. 18770930 d. 19571215 buried under a double “Golden” marker.

pp 343: Franklin D. Golden b. 19330312 d. 19391003 is buried next to Callie and William Golden.

pp 343: Mark Golden b. 19130718 d. 19140522 buried next to Matthew Golden (see Matthew); noted as “triplet son of L.R. and F.E. Golden”.

pp 342: Marvin L. Golden Jr. b. 19430919 d. 19461101; buried next to the infant of A.J. Golden.

pp 343: Mary Frances Golden b. 18770705 d. 19200229, noted as wife of S.F. Golden” buried between Sebern and Nellie Golden.

pp 343: Sebern Floyd Golden b. 18720822 d. 19340927 is buried between Franklin and Mary F. Golden with “Weep not for him though tears arise, for he is happy in the skies” on the marker.

pp 343: Matthew Golden b. 19130718 d. 19140119 and noted as “triplet son of L.R. and F.E. Golden” buried between the infant of Ralph and Melver Golden and the grave of Mark Golden.

pp 343: Nellie Faye Golden b.19301030 d. 19340917 is buried between Mary F. Golden and another infant (probably a Golden infant).

pp 343: Odell Golden b. 19180905 d. 19490412, noted as “Fla Tec 4 332 Engrs WW II”; buried next to an infant and Nellie Golden.

pp 436: Rebecca Inez Golden, b. 19000606 d. 19040903, noted as “daughter of W.S. and C.J. Golden” buried at Weaver Cemetery, located approximately 5 miles from Brewton, AL, on Escambia Highway 49 in T-3-N, R-9-E, Section 31. Recorded 19721112.

pp 444: Perlissaia L. Golden b. 18660414 d. 19390703 is buried at Zion Hill Baptist Church Cemetery, located on Highway 31 North near Conecuh-Escambia County line. Recorded 19720902.

pp 448: Luther F. Golden b. 19130829 d. 19450124 with headstone of “Ala Pvt Inf WW II” buried at Zion Hill Baptist Church Cemetery, located on Highway 31 near Conecuh-Escambia County line. Recorded 19720902.


My notes were originally posted online Rootsweb in 1997.

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