George Keeling, c1680-1759, was NOT an Irish Lord

Some early descendants of George Keeling Jr, c1680 VA – 1759 NC, claimed that the Keelings were of an Irish lords family that had fled Ireland to come to Virginia.

These claims appear in several genealogies published by several descendant Henderson family and Williams kin. [1]REF1 These claims were still included in updated genealogies from the 1920s.

In the (Henderson) Family History, compiled by Lucy Henderson Horton, 1922, page 299 [2]The (Henderson) Family History can be downloaded at regarding Archibald Henderson, son of colonial judge Richard Henderson and his wife, Elizabeth Keeling … his mother “the daughter of an Irish nobleman, Lord George Kelynge, Archibal derived that refreshing simplicity of manner and dignity of demeanor which were ^traits of his personality.

~~~ Elizabeth was indeed the daughter of George Keeling — but he was born in Virginia, not in either Ireland or elsewhere in the the UK. He was the son of George Keeling Sr, c1654-1730 of New Kent and Hanover counties, Virginia.

Another claim within the same genealogy is that (Judge) Richard Henderson married the daughter of an Irish nobleman, Lord George Kelygne, or Keeling. His law partner married the widow of Lord Keeling.

~~~ Not named, the widow of Lord Keeling would be Agnes Bullock, c1720–1803, who married Judge John H. Williams, 1704–1770, both originally of Hanover County, Virginia. The Williams family had close ties to the Henderson family with Judge Williams having been married first to Sarah Henderson, 1711–1730.

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