Keelings Arriving in Americas

Edward Keeling arrives in Virginia at New Kent County, in 1680 … 1680 Jul 10: … Edward Keeling … Richard Clark, 736 acs., New Kent Co., S. side of Yorke Riv., at the mouth of little cr., where it falls into Skimino Cr; adj. William Whitmore; land formerly Arthur Price’s, neare the Labour in Vaine Path, &c; 10 July 1680, p. 42. Trans. of 15 pers: Samll Higins (or Stigins) [Samuel Higgins / Stigins], Walter Patso, Nich. Young, Ben. Heath [Benjamin Heath], Tim. Boyter [Timothy Boyter], Tim. Hatches [Timothy Hatches], Ed. Keeling [Edward Keeling], Rich. Gregory [Richard Gregory], Rob. Smith [Robert Smith], Jno. Hailes [Jonathan / Johnathan Cooke], Danll. Ware [Daniel Ware], Jos. Fellowes [Joseph Fellowes]; “one more”.

Connie Keeling Truesdale, 1942-2021, Delphos, Ohio

Connie Keeling Truesdale, 1942-2021, Delphos, Ohio Connie Truesdale, 78, nee Keeling, of Delphos, Ohio, has passed. She was born in Allen County on October 23, 1942, to Robert and Ruth (Feathers) Keeling. >>> Descendant of Keelings that settled in Virginia, 1628/1635. Obituary: Learn more about Connie Keeling Truesdale

Russell Lee Keeling, 1942-2021, Redlands, California

Russell Lee Keeling, 1934-2021, Redlands, California Russell Lee Keeling, 79, of Redlands, California has passed. Born 5 Feb 1942, in Albuquerque, New Mexico, to Edna and Willard Keeling. Survived by his wife of 28 years, Lloy Keeling. >>> Descends from the line of Captain/Sheriff George Keeling, 1654-1730, of Virginia. Obituary: Learn more about Russell Lee Keeling 

Robert Allen Keeling, Jr, 1942-2021, Camarillo, California

Robert Allen Keeling, Jr, 1942-2021 California — Robert Allen Keeling, Jr., 78, of Camarillo, has passed away at his home. Bob was born on July 26, 1942, in Callaway County, the son of Robert Keeling and Mary Francis Christopher. After graduating from High School, Bob joined the U.S. Marine Corps where he served from 1960-1964. … Read more