Golden Family Cemetery, Wilkinson County, Georgia — Isaac Golden Descendants

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Isaac Golden and Ruth Sheehan moved their family just over the South Carolina state line to Baldwin, Georgia by 1820 and to Wilkinson County, Georgia by 1827 at the latest. Wilkinson became home and remains home to many Goldens even today (2017)

There is a Golden Family Cemetery in Wilkinson County but no Goldens are listed as being buried there.

Golden Family Cemetery, Wilkinson Co., Georgia
Photo from Cemeteries of Wilkinson County, Georiga Golden Family Cemetery, Wilkinson Co., Georgia

Golden Family Cemetery

The Goldens definitely have a direct relationship to the Golden Family Cemetery, and some of the families buried there.

It is most likely that Isaac and some of his immediate family are buried there, but their graves have been lost. There are multiple members of the McMullen and Jeanes family buried in this cemetery

Goldens are buried here!

However, there are many Goldens descended from Isaac Golden and Ruth Sheehan that are buried at the Nunn and Wheeler Cemetery, and several nearby cemeteries.

Name Birth Death
A. Morgan Golden  1920  2002
Avelona V. Golden  1863  1905
Delma C. Golden  1911  1912
Edward M. Golden  1922 ????
Edward M. Golden  1954  1997
Elmer Golden  1924  2005
Eva Snow Golden  1910  1969
Florence G. Golden  1887  1952
Harriett Farmer Golden  1883  1919
Helen E. Golden  1940 ????
Iverline Golden  1918  1919
Iverson D. Golden  1924  1983
Iverson C. Golden  1886  1960
Iverson Golden  1861  1946
J. A. Golden  1884  1919
James F. Golden  1946  1946
Lorene Lord Golden  1914  2006
Margeret M. Golden  1830  1916
Mary Golden Welch  1916  1945
Mildred Allen Golden  1928  2006
Milo Farmer Golden  1914  1987
Parmelia Bales Golden  1845  1900
Sarah Golden ????  1884
Thelma S. Golden  1922 ????
V. Q. Golden  1828  1919
W. Henry Golden  1889  1938
W. H. Golden  1911  1937
Willie Mae Golden  1890  1945

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