Gouldings and the Benedict Arnold family of Rhode Island

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The oldest known Goulding of this line is Roger Goulding … or the name may have been originally spelt ‘Gowlding’. Roger was born about 1626 and passed in 1667. His son Roger Goulding would marry Penelope Arnold (1653-1713) of the Benedict Arnold family. Benedict Arnold the first became the Royal Governor in 1663.

>>> Fast forward 100 years to the American Revolution and both the Arnold and Goulding families remain quite prominent in Rhode Island affairs. You will find a number of Gouldings from this family buried in the Benedict Arnold cemetery.

>>> General Benedict Arnold that we all learn about in school as both a great hero and as a great traitor was Benedict Arnold the 4th (1741-1801).

George Goulding (1685-1742), Esquire, is the Royal Attorney General at Newport, Rhode Island. George is married to Mary Scott (1689-1733) and their daughter Elizabeth Goulding (1713-1776) is married to James Honeyman, Jr., Esquire, and he too becomes the (last) Royal Attorney General of Rhode Island.

Benedict Arnold Cemetery
Photograph of sign outside the Governor Arnold Burying Ground, Pelham Street, Newport, Rhode Island, 23 July 2011

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